Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ho!! Ho!! Ho!!

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Have a very Merry Christmas.

I am off for a nice break now so I may not be blogging unless I have a spare moment & a computer close handy.

I hope 2008 has been everything to you that you wished it to be and 2009 to be a happy healthy year for us all.

2008 has been an exciting year for me as I started my blog and discovered all you lovely people in blog land.

A very special thankyou to my lovely followers

daisymum7, The Old Dairy, Remote Treechanger, Melmel, flmom, The Vintage Rose, Carolyn, Lesley, Outback, Cabbage Heart, Maree, Laundrybasket Case, Tracie, Tracey McBride, TillyRose, BevB, The Rustic Cottage.
And of course to anyone else that spends the time to visit me, I hope 2009 will bring some of you lurkers out of the cupboards specially my overseas visitors that enrich my life so much. I enjoy reading of your different cultures. I simply adore your comments and remember everyone is welcome at my blog there are no strangers just friends I haven't met yet!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Look what came for me today!!

and I've already used it.

The kind people you meet in blog land.
Today when I came home I had a parcel waiting on the front veranda.(Thankyou to the kind postman that safely put it there)
I had won a giveaway hosted by The vintage Rose this is a lovely blog, one of those blogs that you leave feeling warm & happy as if everything in the world is good.
Please stop by The Vintage Rose and you will see what I mean.

This is my first parcel I have ever received from blog land so it will be most treasured.


Caroline xoxox
The fruit cake in the above photo is one from the 4 ingredients cookbook. Easypeasy!!
1kg mixed fruit
2 cups fruit juice or cold tea
1 tbs. Sherry or the like
2 cups S.R. Flour
Soak fruit in the juice/tea & sherry for 2 hrs.
Preheat oven to 125C.
Add flour to fruit & mix well.
Put into large lined baking tin. Bake for 2hrs in the bottom of your oven.
Remove, leave to cool & keep for 2-3 dys before cooking.
You can't get any easier than this & if you didn't make a Christmas cake this year this is a very simple cake you can do very quickly.


Yesterday I got stuck in and braved cleaning my linen cupboard. I really wanted to get this done before Christmas for several reasons.

1. I was having trouble shutting the door. (always a good reason to tidy something)

2. Every time I have visitors they always end up having to get a fresh towel or something out of there. (and if momma can't find it in there no one can)

3.I try to but my new linen etc. at the post Christmas sales. I had to see what I need.
(probably nothing really but have I told you I'm a sucker for linens, sometimes I would rather buy that than clothes. I don't need that much I tend to strip the beds wash it all and have it back on the beds same day. So really I only need two sets of anything. A linen fetish (is that a recognized disease)

4. Probably I should admit to you about now this is only a smidge of it. I have loads of those cheap stripey bags packed downstairs with linen.

5. Whoopee there is always benefits to every deep clean. Today I found material still in the spotlight bag I had bought last year & had forgot about. One brand new tags on table runner that I will use on the Christmas table. A set of curtains that I will hang in the lounge room and clean the ones that are hanging up now.

I know this cupboard will only stay looking like this for a few weeks for some reason it is the one that gets real messy real quick. So enjoy the photo it will give me something to look back and reminisce.

And if your real lucky and I am real brave I will take and post a photo of it after New Year!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



"Temerity"(n) tim-merr-it-tee. -Boldness or Audacity

Thanks everyone for joining in.

daisymum -Oh what a great sentence you explained the meaning in, bet daisydad doesn't agree but of course you did get the meaning correct. Just hope the Temerity man never has to visit my house to kill the termites!!

Linda does that mean when I type I have great temerity cause I sure don't have the dexterity thing a happening.

Personally I thought if I could get a demerit point, well maybe if I was good I might get a temerity point.

Guess not huh!!

Lisha did they hand out temerity's at your sons end of school awards night. I do so hope he received one.

Good one!! & thanks for joining in again this week Lisha.


Anyone want to play the word game today????

Wednesday's word is

TEMERITY (tim-merr-it-tee)

If you don't have a clue like I didn't, have a guess & put it in my comments box the suggestions are often much funnier than the real meaning!! (aren't they daisymum)

Be back later to enlighten you all.


Look at this lovely award I recieved from Tania at Outback. Well to tell you the truth I did kinda get it quite a few moons ago but haven't posted it yet (Sorry Tania) You know what it's like this time of year!!

Being that it's the jolly time of year and everybody is going like crazy & some are finished going crazy and are already on hols, I award this to everybody that reads my blog -yes it's even awarded to you lurkers. The only rule being, Have a fantastic Christmas & leave a link back to my blog.

Thanks Tania for this lovely award.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I thought I had dug & re dug this patch of ground in my garden over the last 7 years. Obviously not enough. Today I dug up this old bottle it must have been working it's way to the surface over time.

Before our house was built in about '72' there was a very old house in it's place. There was also the old original well in the back yard it was actually quite dangerous as the previous owners had only lain corrugated iron over the top of it. Not quite good enough for my inquisitive children who found this before I did. Actually they found it within the first hour, they came running towards me saying "Mummy all this waters bubbling out of the ground like a volcano" Oh great not only have I bought a house off a drug addict complete with syringes left in the house & drugs buried in the garden. Looks like I have a house on a volcanic site!!

No joke. We laugh about it now but we didn't live in the house for three months till it was completely cleaned & restored.

Anyway back to the bottle, I quite often find old china, old horse shoes, steel thing a majigs (don't know what they are??) etc but they are usually broken this was in such good condition it only needed the worms/soil washed out of it.

The writing on it says-





Okay so what I want to know is if anyone can shed some light on it

Age?? Wouldn't it be funny if it was only 10yo

What was in it?? Probably drugs knowing my garden's history

About the company??

And lastly if you think it's a fantastic archaeological find and want to make me a millionaire before the years out. Please leave a comment on the bottom of this post.

Friday, December 12, 2008



Numinous (adj) is arousing religious or spiritual emotions OR mysterious or awe-inspiring.

As for me I rather like daisymums witty answer. daisymum can we please play this game more often and maybe rewrite the dictionary??

Daisymum I do feel you may have a hidden sense of humour. I can just see it. A bottle of wine, some choccy cake, chicken soup for when you are sick, a shot of coffee and one taxi driver & axe murderer thrown in for good measure all while sitting on the lounge watching childrens videos-which I forgot, while you are making a red & White Polka Dot Tea Cosy for a stalker.

Linda & Lisha you must be the brains of us.

The Old Dairy I'm like you- need my spell check maybe we both should play this more often and then we can have astounding intellectual conversations via our comments page. "Saz"me that's so proud I've put all the links on this page. Hope they work!!


I used to play this game with my children to try and increase their vocabulary. I don't know if it worked though?? I was reading the other day that most people use a very limited word base, usually the words they were accustom to using in childhood.

I would pick a word out of the dictionary and they would have to tell me the meaning of the word. Later they would look it up in the dictionary hence increasing their skill here too.

So here we go- I thought I would post a word and without looking in a dictionary I thought readers could leave me what they think the meaning is in a comment. Remember no dictionary peeking.




I am reading Testimony by Anita Shreve

I have read a few of her books. My all time favourite of hers is The Pilots wife.

When I was in the book shop buying this book the lady serving asked if I had read The Pilots Wife. She told me that it was her most asked about Anita Shreve book. It also happened to be her favourite too. So if you need a good book to relax with over the holiday season try The Pilots Wife it has a very unusually twist at the end -you don't see it coming.(Unless your a peeker)

(Click on her name above & go to Anita's web site)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


OOOH I am so so lucky!!

Look at what one of my bestest bestest mates has given me.

He has helped me so much over the years doing man jobs around my house. Teaching my boys to be able to do man jobs. Teaching me how to do the man jobs.

Supporting me in my efforts to bring my children up to be good decent citizens on my own. Supporting me when I ring him up crying ready to give up!!

Coming to visit & having to make his own tea.

Mowing my lawn (well sometimes)

Chasing away unwelcome men then having a drink & a laugh after.

Parking my car at the shopping centre car park then having it stolen. (oops maybe I shouldn't put that one.)

Thank you for being such a dear friend to me, you know I simply love gerberas.

Thank you for being one of my dear male friends that have become father figures to my children after L passed away.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Happy Birthday Lane

We are all so proud of you and how far you have come this year.

My baby boy is growing up. Lane my youngest son turned 12 on the weekend. Yippee nearly a teenager that's more grey hair for me, aren't they just so easy when they are young.

So we are off to high school next year. Lane will be going to the same high school as his older brother did & older sister does but Lane will be going to the special education unit within the school. Lane has ASD(Autism) it makes him even more precious to us.
The school runs a fantastic program for these children which is great as they are not excluded from the rest of the school they mainstream them into the classroom with their peers. It is extremely important to me that Lane is treated like any other 12yo just with some adjustments to make things a little easier on him. This is good for Lane as he has a higher than average IQ for his age in some areas he scores higher than 90% of children his age. In other areas however he falls to below the 5 percentile. This borders on being intellectually disabled. Very frustrating being very smart but not able to use it in the conventional way. It has been a very hard road for us. It seems if you do not fall within the "normal" society does not readily accept this.
Social situations are extremely hard for Lane so we never had birthdays as such for him. In the morning he would wake up come out of his room get given his presents and disappear with them for the day. Try explaining that to people when they visit with a lovely gift, that your son isn't just rude. We were never able to have a Birthday cake for him as he did not like the attention focused on himself.
Oh little man I am so proud of you last year was good this year was even better you actually now attend your own birthday. We have had lots of birthday dinners for Lane he just never attended them himself.
We had a great day we went to the game place INTENCITY now wasn't that an experience. Lane had always wanted to go there but the lights & noise have always been to much. He had an awesome time playing games with DB then off to McDonald's for lunch and a bit of shopping to spend some gift money. Lane your a thrifty shopper you can make your money go a long way.
Lane was born at 4.30 in the afternoon during a fierce storm. I still remember lying in the birthing room looking out the doors at the storm. Being a bush hospital the doors led onto a veranda it was so hot the midwives kept going out there for relief. Nearly every year we have a storm on Lane's Birthday, mostly around the time of his birth. This year was no exception the storm hit at 4.30pm. Lane always comes to me & says "Here's my birthday storm"
When Lane gets home from school this afternoon we will be having his birthday cake we have decided to spread it over a few days so it is not as much for him. Most kids would love a birthday that went over several days wouldn't they.LOL I know my other two would.
Oh I can not put into words how proud I am with him this year. The hurdles he has jumped are simply amazing. I so enjoyed his birthday and so did he.

Friday, December 5, 2008


It's that time of year where many of us will open our homes to our friends & family that have travelled to see us. I have decided to tell you a few things that I do to make my visitors feel welcome. Hope you may also get some ideas.

The first most important thing I like to do is be ready for when my guests arrive rushing around when your visitors arrive will make them feel as if they are a hindrance to your families routine. On the day, get as many of the routine daily jobs done as early as possible this may include feeding pets, washing on/off line, garden watered - all the everday tasks.

Of course in the days leading up to their arrival I make sure I give the house a good clean and stock my fridge, freezer & pantry so I needn't be rushing out for any last minute items. Obviously before I go shopping I menu plan what meals we will be having during our guests stay. Now is also a good time to make any restaurant reservations if you intend to eat out.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a guest room that can easily be set up, many of us- specially the ones with children are not so fortunate. Regardless of where you decide to "put" your guests make sure the beds are comfortable. A good few years ago I bought a sofa bed for my visitors to use when they stayed. They were the in thing at the time so I thought "hey this is fabulous for me in my little house" One day I totally rearranged & spring cleaned my bedroom not getting finished that day I thought I would sleep on the sofa bed, well lets just say I have never let another guest sleep on it since. The moral of the story is sleep in your guest beds with the linen they will use and see that it is comfortable. Don't forget extra pillows and some magazines on the bedside table will probably be gratefully received.

I like to give my house guests a torch.

If your ever tried to find the loo in the middle of the night in a strange house without turning on every light (hey!! Where are the light switches anyway??) you'll understand what I am getting at!!!

When I stay at motels I never use the toiletries provided, instead try bringing them home and making up a basket for your guests to use. If your visitors have babies find out ahead what food they will need & either buy or prepare this. Disposable nappies are easier to use when you are travelling with babies however these are bulky things to pack so have a supply ready. You will need to child proof your house if you no longer have young ones. It is terribly stressful for the parents if they have to worry about their young charges damaging or breaking something. While you are doing that don't forget to remove poisons or medications that may be in reach.

Tourist information centres are not places local residents tend to visit. Try getting down to your local centre though and pick up some brochures of whats available in your local area. Most people don't even know what's in their own backyard (so to speak) Try it. We have done this and found many activities for ourselves. Lately we have found a lovely little B&B set in a nice garden setting. It has a fabulous cafe where we now sometimes go for lunch. A fantastic find.

Show early risers where they can find tea/coffee etc. the night before. Don't forget to tell them to help themselves and show them where the snacks are found. Restocking the fruit bowl with all our yummy stone fruits this time of year is lovely for everybody.

Try and be easy going during your guests stay don't panic over the house and keep meals fresh and simple. Enjoy yourself this will then flow through to everyone and lastly remember your guests have come to see you not your house of what you have.

So kick back open a good bottle of wine and give a toast to "GOOD FRIENDS"

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have been tagged by Maree . The tag is for 7 things about myself.

1. My star sign is cancer

2. I am the middle child and only girl

3. I was a widow at 25 with 3 children

4. I am passionate about the welfare of the elderly, children & animals

5. I love chocolate

6. I feel so lucky to be an Australian to make the choices that I want to make
and to live my life without fear.

7. Oh and did I say I really love chocolate

If you want to be tagged consider yourself it. Not naming anyone as I realize this is a busy time for most. If you have the time please join in.

Oh and for all the lurkers showing up on my map please don't be shy. I love getting comments. I would love to hear from you and maybe discover your blogs.

Take Care


Well where do I start what a busy week our family has had not much posting going on here but I have been managing to still read most of my readers blogs & trying to comment on as many as I can. Commenting is a valuable feedback on your blogging don't you think, besides it gives me a thrill to know that someone is even remotely interested in what I write.
DD started her holidays with a very grown-up adventure. On Monday she flew from Brisbane Airport to Roma by herself she was so excited about flying out there alone. DD has gone to stay with friends for a week I rang her last night and she was so happy, talking at a millions miles an hour about what she has been up to. Today she is going to visit her dad's grave he died when she was only 6. DD is going to tidy it up a bit as we went there a few weeks ago when we went to Roma for the Roma Cup and it was looking very unloved. Hope she is okay as DD has never been there without me but our friends out there are wonderful people that have been by our sides through everything in fact C actually delivered DD (I have written about that in DD's Birthday post)Guess I'm just being a mother hen & worrying.

The plane trip to Roma takes just over an hour as apposed to nearly 9 hours on the bus. I can drive there in about 5 1/2hrs. Surprisingly the plane is not a lot dearer than the bus. It was a nice reward for DD as she has worked so hard at school this year.

Going to the airport Monday worked in well for me to as I had to travel down there to pick up horse semen that was coming from Victoria. DD's plane left at 4, semen arrived at 5 perfect timing I then had to get back to A.I. the mare didn't finish till 9pm though. arrgh another late one.

Life is busy as is everbodies this time a year no matter how much we try to simplify as a lot of us are there is still so much to do in December.

Have a great day


Monday, December 1, 2008


It never rains around here it just pours!!! If it wasn't enough that we were all sick last week, DS was in a car accident on Friday night.

DS had leave from the army to attend his friends wedding on the weekend. I was to pick him up from the station about 1/2 hr away. On the way home he rang me and told me not to worry about coming down to pick him up as one of his friends would be finishing work and would come by the station and pick him up.

About 7.00 I got the call my son had been in a car accident. The call no mother ever ever wants. They had decided to travel home along the back roads to avoid the highway. Good thinking in theory. Our stretch of highway has one of the highest fatalities rates in QLD. However the back road is very narrow & winds this way & that. Being a young driver and lacking judgement young T took the road to fast as it twists & turns down into a creek. T missed the curve went straight over the culvert and into the drink. Creek is running quite well at the moment with all the recent rains so the car begins to wash away and sink. T gets out of his side which is higher while DS has to crawl & swim out. Some of his army training has taught him to get out of helicopter cockpits blindfolded while under the water I am thankful for his training but not thankful for the glee in which he told me he got to put it into practice in a real life panic situation.(sick child!! telling mother that) My hair has gone so much greyer since DS finished high school.

Thank God, bless him, the boys are okay, the car is not & me well, I'm getting there it makes you reflect on how precious life is and you never ever know when you will get a life changing phone call. So many young people are killed on Australian roads they do not have the judgement of us more experienced drivers. T was not hooning, drinking or the like they were just travelling home from their jobs however he was going to fast on a bad stretch of road. T has learnt a valuable lesson. T rang DS the next day & said if looks could kill it was written all over your Mum's face. I didn't know it was so obvious but he said to DS, "At that moment I knew I could have killed us both" (lesson learnt)DS had to retrieve all of his belongings out of the car when it was salvaged his new laptop has had it along with his mobile & some important army papers. Friday night was spent trying to clean his now wet muddy clothes for the wedding. Nothing matters I got to hug & kiss my DS on Friday night, life is precious & I think maybe he hugged me just that little bit tighter too!! Oh and did I tell you my hair is greyer.


It's funny when DS was in grade 7 he had the biggest childhood crush on this girl he has remained friends with her all through high school she met M when she was about 14, DS then befriended M and they used to Rodeo together. D & M got married on Saturday we all wish them every happiness they are so young yet so sensible and mature they work so hard for their future & have already bought themselves a home. The funny things you remember one day DS was at D & M 's place DS was mucking around, M is very sensible & mature, M gave DS a fat lip & told him to grow up I had been ranting at DS for ages over that but DS listened to M fat lip & all. Peer pressure can sometimes be a good thing.

Days like this make you sit up take notice and be active in your life & the life of loved ones. Don't forget to hug & kiss them & never let them walk out the door without telling them you love them.

Lastly thank you so much for all your kind comments while I have been sick.

I'm off to buy some much needed hair dye. Did I tell you my hair is greyer!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting, reading all your wonderful blogs that I so like to follow or commenting this week. I have been soooo sick. I've only worked one day this week. As if I 'm not far behind with everything as it is and Christmas is just around the corner you no!! this has set me back even further.
I think life has a way of slowing things down for you I have been working flat out for months from 4.30am to sometimes 11pm so if you don't listen to the little life messages being sent your way well your just going to end up sick!! Okay I'm finally listening I'm going back to bed.

Monday, November 24, 2008


My day usually starts with the essential cup of tea, love my early morning cuppa & I really treasure & enjoy this time of the morning a chance to sit and contemplate my day before the house awakens and it's all systems go.

Then it is off to the kitchen to make my brekkie taking my brekkie downstairs to the office I fire up the computer to check my emails.While I'm waiting for the computer to start, do it's virus update etc etc I load the washing machine which lucky for me, the laundry is right next door to the office.

Office work completed (and far to long reading blogs) I then get to escape to my garden for a little, not that I did anything much just meandered, pulled the odd weed checked some pots and watered the cuttings I had potted up on the weekend. Then it was off down the back. My darling dogs never go to the toilet in the house yard so every morning they get let down the paddock to do their thing. Absolutely fine by me but probably to much info for you. While we are down there we take the chooks the scraps from yesterday,& check their grain and fresh water. At the moment they are having their water with apple cider vinegar all my animals have 3Dy's a mth on this except my horses that have it daily.

Oh quick yet again I spent to much time down the back, oh well my old log seat really does beckon. It's even worse if I happen to go down there with a book. Back to the yard. Washing is finished, hung out. DD is up & getting ready she prefers to make her own lunch so mum checks it's O.K- yep got the last of the Brownies DS will not be pleased. yummy!! even if we did manage to burn the edge(got distracted in the garden again)

Got DS up he is having a treat of tuckshop today.DD leaves for school bus that travels to the next town.It's now 6.45 get what house work, cooking etc I can get done now as I have to work today only me & DS left now so we enjoy some quiet time together before all to soon we have to go & drop him at his school. That done back track all the way almost pass my house again only bypassing it by 50m and off in the other direction to work. Some mornings would love to take the 50m detour back to my house for the day and just potter around but I guess trillions of other working mums think that to.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been given this wonderful award by flmom at The Narrow Path Little does she know how honoured I am to receive this award as you see I am a true bookworm. Just haven't blogged about it as you may not stop me!!!!

The award states that you must get the book closest to you, turn to page...56, find the fifth sentence type that and then a few more to follow.

The book closest to me at the computer is-

Going Organic-Your guide to a healthier Life

by Kris Abbey

We're constantly told that pollution is just an inevitable by-product of industries and agricultural practices that offer further opportunities for employment. Furthermore, cleaning up pollution can be a major industry in itself, offering a boost to the economy. On the other hand, a bio dynamic farmer, despite selling products within the system, operates on the periphery of the agricultural industry. It is not possible to be completely apart. The air, water and soil are parts of a whole, but biodynamic products are generated from within a different paradigm where the land defines both it's use and limits.

Getting this award today came as an amazing coincidence as I had a lovely day today, I went browsing in some old book shops with my DS18 who is also a bookworm. He and I both got some lovely books. DS & I also went to a new bookshop that always has quite unique books where we stopped to do some christmas shopping before meeting up with the others for lunch.

I am forwarding this award to

Friday, November 21, 2008



Let me introduce you to a member of our family he is the one & demanding "Pikelet Amadeus"

He is the colour of freshly cooked piklets out of a hot buttery pan he is the creamy colour and then the darker golden brown as well. One morning four years ago while I was cooking piklets a friend came around with a special delivery. Guess Who??

I have alway called ginger cats marmalade cats. Did you know female ginger cats are much much rarer than male gingers??

By the way, I must tell you all the animals in our house are always given first & second names Why?? jus cause we can!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is what happens to childrens eyes when they watch to much T.V. So look out for the symptoms and don't say I didn't warn you!!
This looked hilarious when DS moved his head, the eyes rolled around.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am so glad we have members tickets & our own table in the marquee so we didn't have
to fight our way through the crowds pictured below!!

On Friday we ventured out to Roma for the Roma Cup Races. We love getting out to Roma the kids have a fantastic time catching up with the kids they grew up with. (My kids were all born out there - country kids through & through)
We had a very long roundabout trip out there as we had to pick Casey up from the Army Base in Brisbane, then struggled through Brisbane's Friday afternoon peak hour traffic. We didn't end up getting there till after 10pm. It was fantastic that Casey had leave & was able to join us he joked with us that if he couldn't he was going to go AWOL(Absent without Leave) There was so much traffic all the way to Roma lots of young people going out there for the w/e. It was such a worry as they were all overtaking us hanging out of car windows & drinking. It's a nightmare waiting to happen thank goodness we didn't come across one further up the road wrapped around a tree. I worry about the young drivers so much, alot of them are also very inexperienced at driving on country roads at night.

We had a marquee table in the guest area at the races which was very nice as we had all drinks & food supplied as well as access to our own Bookmakers, Bar, T.V's & the most important cleaner toilets without line-ups.LOL!!

We had a wonderful table of about 14 people all us friends ranging from the young, those that think we are young and should no better, right up to Pop whose near 80. Everyone had a fantastic time. Two of my fave friends reached the semi-finals of the Fashions of the fields which was good fun as they had only entered as it was a "Pink Ribbon Fundraiser" for Breast Cancer.

A really great week end was had by everbody, being able to catch up with everyone was fantastic we can't wait to do it all again soon, come christmas.

Hope your weekend was special too!!

Friday, November 14, 2008





Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay daisymum
I am rising to your challenge not because I really want to but cause I think we should do.

I mean I was giving The Marie Antoinette award earlier in the week. This award being given to the people that particular blogger thinks is keeping things "real"

daisymum did a really good post the other day called Tweenies which I think is a true representation of how a lot of us think & feel. She points out to us- do some of the things that bother us eg. housework really matter in the long run. She then goes on to challenge us to be upfront and show the "Nasties" well here goes. Here are some of the things that are getting to me at the moment!!! & there are more where these come from.

By the way these ARE breakfast dishes AND it is 5pm

Truly though these are the messies that are in my house and a lot of other busy mums homes at times, but when I sit down to blog I want to show you the nice things, I want things to be perfect just for that short time even if I know and you know in reality they are not.

We also know that friends & family are more important than mopped floors & neatly made beds but I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing that we do not want others to see this, for the most part we are simply showing we have pride and self esteem in ourselves when our homes are clean, our families are happy and their is a nice meal on the table. It at least tells us we are somewhat getting there.

This garden bed has been sitting way to long & could be producing

more homegrown yummies right now!!

Well I suppose you can tell what is more important to me at this very moment can't you?? or I guess you wouldn't be reading this post. LOL!!

Until next time remember happiness is more important than perfection which is never achievable when you will just then rise the standard.

Anyway it's dinner time & I'm off to do breakfast dishes.

I wonder who else is up for the challange?????


Do all you Aussie bloggers remember this T.V show?? It was one of my favourites when I was younger. A real Australian classic I would love it to come on again so my children could see it then again they are probably to old for it now-but I would still watch it.LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


flmom from The Narrow Path has given me the Marie Antionette - A real person award.

The rules for this award are to display the icon and send it on to 7 other bloggers I feel are real in who they are.

The 7 bloggers I have the pleasure of giving this award to are:-

Daisymum7 (There's no one more real, just read daisymum's post today)
The Old Dairy

On My Verandah

The Linen Cupboard

At home with Mel Mel

Lesley @ Notes from my Days


Thanks flmom!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


At the 11th hour,
of the 11th day,
of the 11th month....
We will remember them
Lest We Forget

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

(from 'In Flanders Fields', John Mc Crae, 1872-1918)

Monday, November 10, 2008


I Know you probably all find this quite a funny photo to put on my blog- well it is only a set of stairs isn't it. Well I do love my little old house. Tonight I was sorting through old photos on my computer when I came across this beauty now please don't ask me why I took it cause I can't even remember but judging by the how clean the floor looked it was probably in celebration of the fact that it finally got a mop & we didn't all have to walk on crunchies (That's what my family calls it when the floor feels yuk & sticky with bare feet)More often then I'm going to admit on this blog.

Anyway these are the five steps that take our family to slumber land each night. All the bedrooms are up these five steps totally separate from our living area, which can be a good thing when you have visitors at 4 in the Arvy and you still haven't made the bed yet. So far this post sounds totally exhilarating doesn't it, what with unmade beds & crunchies on the floor ho hum that's life (at our house) At the top of the stairs you can just see our cow hide mat.

So sometimes when there is a power blackout I really can believe I lived a hundred years ago as I pick up my candle complete in brass holder and say I'm going up stairs to bed!! Okay I'll rephrase that it sounds too romantic & old world. How about this - Kids if you don't get upstairs to bed now I'm going to..................

Thanks for visiting anyway I'm going up to bed- CAROLINE xxoo

Sunday, November 9, 2008


My cherub is sending you all hugs & kisses.

Thankyou to all you wonderful wonderful people that stop by my blog to read my posts each day.

A very special thankyou also to my dear followers. When I first started blogging I was so surprised that anyone would want to read my blog. Now I am enjoying seeing my world map fill up as I have visits from around the globe.

A very heartfelt thankyou goes out to my very first followers Mandy @ The Old Dairy, Linda @ Remote Treechanger, Daisymum & flmom. I feel very privileged to have all my followers but specially you lovely ladies as you inspired me to keep on blogging.

So keep dropping in I love having you all over to visit. There are no strangers on my blog just friends I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Please leave me a comment & tell me your thoughts??

Caroline xoxo

Friday, November 7, 2008


Look what darling daughter bought me she said as soon as she saw it that it was for me. It's really heavy so hope I never drop it on my foot it will be a broken toe for sure. I think it is cast iron so it will most likely rust which I don't mind -more character.

At the moment it is sitting on my sink with a cake of sunlight soap in it . In my house I do tend to move things around all the time so you will probably see it in the laundry next week or in the garden under a tap.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just a quick post to show you all this photo of my DD & me, we were just coming back from taking the cattle back to their paddock. Both these horses are cutting horses (Quarter Horses)

It's one of my favourites as I love riding with my daughter & she adores this horse.

Have been so busy this week so have had not much time to blog just a quick look in when I have a minute.

Today was hectic as I had to drive to Toowoomba to pick up Horse Semen to AI a mare it's about a 2 1/2 hr drive each way so that was 5 hrs out of my day. I left quite early as I had soundness evaluations booked in as well as prospective buyers coming to see sale horses. I also had to take a horse to Corbould Park Track on the Sunshine Coast. If anyone knows that song
"I've been everywhere man" well that was me today!!

Can't wait to go have a nice shower & spend some time with my darlings. Dinner will be something real simple as I feel to tired to cook, probaly omelettes & a salad. The chooks are laying really well at the moment so we are inundated with fresh eggs. I have some berries frozen that need to be used up so will have that with some icecream for dessert. Not homemade icecream, though I love it but can't find my never fail quick easy reciepe have turned the house upside down baffles me where I could have put it the one thing is though I may have tucked it in a book I'm pretty good at doing that. Has anyone ever used one of those icecream makers?? If so are they good??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween has been and gone and here I am little old me just getting around to posting these photos. Now though, don't get excited cause I'm not really a Halloween fanatic trying to continue it on for as long as possible after the date. In fact it's not really something that we celebrate in Australia not like today. It is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia today & while Victoria has a holiday other states don't but I really think we should it's so much a Australian icon. I know what your all thinking now that I'm bias as I work with horses & yep your probably right.

Anyway I'm probably raving on here a little as this post was supposed to be on Halloween but I'm only really making it a post to put up the photos of my DS who attended a Halloween disco that his school put on. Lane went to the Halloween disco on Friday night at the local hall and had an absolutely fabulous time. Nothing better for a child to pay his 5 bucks get a sausage sizzle a soft drink and have enough money left to fill him to the eyeballs with lollies. I think most kids would have gone home and climbed the walls all night full of sugar either that or kept their parents up all night with a belly ache.

Anyway what really bothered me about this whole disco thing was the adults who seemed to join one of two parties -celebrating Halloween is Black Magic worshipping and we shouldn't be encouraging this if we are Christians or the parents who get right into the whole Halloween deal and think we should adopt this as a tradition to be celebrated full steam.

Oh and then there is the minority group consisting of me and really only me & maybe a few other odd bods. The simple fact is I really don't care because I picked my son up with his eyes sparkling with fun, to hyper to sit still in the backseat on the way home due to an overdose of sugar, telling me who did this & that, and how much fun it was to take your shoes off & slide around the old halls polished floors with just your socks on.
Now that is childhood fun that I think shouldn't be spoiled because of adults views.


Just a quick post to show you all a picky of my beautiful bunch of bananas that we are anxiously waiting on. There is nothing like home-grown bananas. When they are ready we pick the bunch & hang them underneath our house to ripen.

The only trouble is of course it's either banana feast or famine as they all ripen at once. Other years we have unfortunately lost our bananas both bunches and the whole trees in summer storms they seem to blow over so easy in a big storm.

I have heard people say they are a complete food. I don't know if that is exactly true but of course they do have more of a complete range of vitamins & minerals then some other fruits.

When my late neighbor was having trouble with his heart they said he had to quit his bananas as they were to high in potassium for him. I know he found this really hard as he had been growing them himself for over 50yrs & he used to enjoy one daily.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Thanks Linda & flmom

Linda from Remote Treechanger & flmom from The Narrow Path have both sent me this lovely award. Thankyou so much for your time with helping newbie bloggers like me, you are both most patient.

The people I am forwarding it to are:-

Tilly from Tilly Tatas

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Please come by & collect your awards ladies and forward onto your favs.


Sunday, November 2, 2008


I received this blog award from Tania at Outback. My heart felt sympathy to Tania and her friend & family who tragically lost a family member. May you all have the strength you need to continue through this devastating time I shall be praying for you. With much love sent your way.

The six people I am sending it on to are:-

Daisymum at Notes from Daisy Mountain

Mandy at the Old Dairy

Rhonda at Down--- to--- Earth

Linda at Remote Treechanger
Carolyn - Anonymous

flmom at The Narrow Path

Ladies this is because you all have the hottest blogs, come collect your award and forward it onto 6 others.

Have a great evening with your loved ones



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