Friday, November 7, 2008


Look what darling daughter bought me she said as soon as she saw it that it was for me. It's really heavy so hope I never drop it on my foot it will be a broken toe for sure. I think it is cast iron so it will most likely rust which I don't mind -more character.

At the moment it is sitting on my sink with a cake of sunlight soap in it . In my house I do tend to move things around all the time so you will probably see it in the laundry next week or in the garden under a tap.


Unknown said...

It is really cute!!!
how did you make your blog awards small enough to fit on the side????

I think I am going to have o get daisyson17 in here to put them on preperly for me.

Have a wonderful weekend


Caroline said...

sorry can't help you with that one I'm not real computer savvy they just fit. I usually have to get DD15 to help me to. Linda @ Remote Treechanger has helped me out though she is very helpful. Have a good weekend with you & yours Caroline

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit -- lovely blog -- especially like the horses because my daughter rides too! you will appreciate that I just mended the horse's winter blanket by hand to save a few $$! Truthfully, I love the combines smells of fly spray, leather, and even aged-manure :). Will be back!

Yogihan said...

Oh it's lovely. Rusting would definitely add a bit of character - it's a keeper!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

That looks exactly like something that I would love for my soap too. What a thoughtful daughter!



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