Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday I got stuck in and braved cleaning my linen cupboard. I really wanted to get this done before Christmas for several reasons.

1. I was having trouble shutting the door. (always a good reason to tidy something)

2. Every time I have visitors they always end up having to get a fresh towel or something out of there. (and if momma can't find it in there no one can)

3.I try to but my new linen etc. at the post Christmas sales. I had to see what I need.
(probably nothing really but have I told you I'm a sucker for linens, sometimes I would rather buy that than clothes. I don't need that much I tend to strip the beds wash it all and have it back on the beds same day. So really I only need two sets of anything. A linen fetish (is that a recognized disease)

4. Probably I should admit to you about now this is only a smidge of it. I have loads of those cheap stripey bags packed downstairs with linen.

5. Whoopee there is always benefits to every deep clean. Today I found material still in the spotlight bag I had bought last year & had forgot about. One brand new tags on table runner that I will use on the Christmas table. A set of curtains that I will hang in the lounge room and clean the ones that are hanging up now.

I know this cupboard will only stay looking like this for a few weeks for some reason it is the one that gets real messy real quick. So enjoy the photo it will give me something to look back and reminisce.

And if your real lucky and I am real brave I will take and post a photo of it after New Year!!


Unknown said...

daisyson17 just walked and said Oh that is Taylor Swift i love that song!!! I have to confess I usually tunr the sound off when I read the blogs but i had it on this time.


Lisha said...

I know what you mean about the linen closet not closing. I just cleaned mine the other day, I still had to jam things back in to get the door closed. Mine doesn't look anywhere near as organised as yours does. By the way if you swing by my blog today there's a little message for you.

The Old Dairy said...

The linen cupbard looks good, I don't have a linen cupboard mine is all in spare spaces around the house. Make an interesting blog....Linen in hidding...
Loving the word challage, keep them going........

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing. Love the rolled towels.


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