Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween has been and gone and here I am little old me just getting around to posting these photos. Now though, don't get excited cause I'm not really a Halloween fanatic trying to continue it on for as long as possible after the date. In fact it's not really something that we celebrate in Australia not like today. It is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia today & while Victoria has a holiday other states don't but I really think we should it's so much a Australian icon. I know what your all thinking now that I'm bias as I work with horses & yep your probably right.

Anyway I'm probably raving on here a little as this post was supposed to be on Halloween but I'm only really making it a post to put up the photos of my DS who attended a Halloween disco that his school put on. Lane went to the Halloween disco on Friday night at the local hall and had an absolutely fabulous time. Nothing better for a child to pay his 5 bucks get a sausage sizzle a soft drink and have enough money left to fill him to the eyeballs with lollies. I think most kids would have gone home and climbed the walls all night full of sugar either that or kept their parents up all night with a belly ache.

Anyway what really bothered me about this whole disco thing was the adults who seemed to join one of two parties -celebrating Halloween is Black Magic worshipping and we shouldn't be encouraging this if we are Christians or the parents who get right into the whole Halloween deal and think we should adopt this as a tradition to be celebrated full steam.

Oh and then there is the minority group consisting of me and really only me & maybe a few other odd bods. The simple fact is I really don't care because I picked my son up with his eyes sparkling with fun, to hyper to sit still in the backseat on the way home due to an overdose of sugar, telling me who did this & that, and how much fun it was to take your shoes off & slide around the old halls polished floors with just your socks on.
Now that is childhood fun that I think shouldn't be spoiled because of adults views.


The Vintage Rose said...

The school I worked at last Friday, just had a movie night instead. It keeps the kids safe off the streets, tricking & treating and they still had fun and got to eat lollies and junk food. Yes I'm a casual teacher and I'm off to school today after having the last two days off. It was good to get into the garden and say hello to my neighbour - a very keen gardener.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you can't please everyone though, can you, there are always going to be party poopers!!

Gill in Canada


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