Monday, December 15, 2008


I thought I had dug & re dug this patch of ground in my garden over the last 7 years. Obviously not enough. Today I dug up this old bottle it must have been working it's way to the surface over time.

Before our house was built in about '72' there was a very old house in it's place. There was also the old original well in the back yard it was actually quite dangerous as the previous owners had only lain corrugated iron over the top of it. Not quite good enough for my inquisitive children who found this before I did. Actually they found it within the first hour, they came running towards me saying "Mummy all this waters bubbling out of the ground like a volcano" Oh great not only have I bought a house off a drug addict complete with syringes left in the house & drugs buried in the garden. Looks like I have a house on a volcanic site!!

No joke. We laugh about it now but we didn't live in the house for three months till it was completely cleaned & restored.

Anyway back to the bottle, I quite often find old china, old horse shoes, steel thing a majigs (don't know what they are??) etc but they are usually broken this was in such good condition it only needed the worms/soil washed out of it.

The writing on it says-





Okay so what I want to know is if anyone can shed some light on it

Age?? Wouldn't it be funny if it was only 10yo

What was in it?? Probably drugs knowing my garden's history

About the company??

And lastly if you think it's a fantastic archaeological find and want to make me a millionaire before the years out. Please leave a comment on the bottom of this post.


The Vintage Rose said...

No knowledge of the bottle. You could try googling the company name. Also have a look and see if there any are for sale on ebay to get a price/value.
I think it was quite the done thing amongst some groups of people to bury the rubbish rather than cart it elsewhere.
Enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

Linda said...

Well it has a screw top, so that is a clue perhaps.

This house has been an interesting dig for us too.

Linda said...

Well I learnt something, that company was the people who had Rexona before Rexona if that makes sense.

Linda said...

Here is the link as it includes dates.

Caroline said...

Vintage Rose I just googled it and found out it was the Rexona co. The Co. was established in 1904.

Thanks Linda must have looked it up the same time as you.

Could have been something more exotic then Rexona though!!
Do you think they will want their bottle back??

flmom said...

So you also know what it's like to have purchased something that has given you many things to look out for over the years! We purchased the home we have now just over 4.5 years ago. Mostly we just dig up broken glass (or really the rains bring it to the surface) so no one is allowed outside barefoot. The wooded portions of our property have all kinds of things dumped in them that we haven't gone in and gotten yet (we're a bit afraid to because of snakes). It even looks as though a car or at least a large part of a car is in one section of our wooded area! We used to find a lot of coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and sometimes quarters) outside after a rain, but I think we've collected all those now as we haven't found any in quite some time. It's such a shame the people before us took such poor care of the land. (I could tell you many other things we've found!)

You're glass bottle cleaned up very nicely. Do you have an interesting use for it in mind?

MelMel said...

Hi there, we are super organised! thats us!
not geeky!LOL...:>))x

Anonymous said...

so if yuo brought a drug house and i brought a drug house - does that mean they have all left town...hehehehe

oh no idea about the bottle

i remember when we were cleaning it before we moved in - we pulled down a wall and there was about a foot high of needles, packets, smokes butts and other things i dont think need to be mention - all inside the wall....ewwwwwwww

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's a neat looking bottle.

Gill in Canada


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