Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wagga Wagga

Do we look cold??

Hi finally, this is for you guys that have been asking me to email you photos from when we went to see Casey in Wagga Wagga. One long trip but well worth it to see DS. Seventeen hours driving thank goodness for DVD players it kept every bodies sanity.(Are we there yet Mum? No darling just another 15hours & 55 Minutes to go. Okay can I watch another movie then??)We also stopped in Parkes and saw "The Dish".

Emerald & Lane-Austin @ The Dish - Parkes

Playin "spot your son"

Oh there he is

Simply Dashing!!!

The Three Stunners!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Banana Splits and other Classics

Sometimes when the kids are watching T.V, I talk to them about "The good old shows", the ones that I used to watch, and how much these programs have changed since I was a kid. Lane usually has a comment about was T.V invented when I was little.Yes Lane it was, my little clown. Boy did we have some good shows. Shows I love to share with you and your brother and sister - Casey loves Mash, Emerald loves bewitched & Lane loves The Lone Ranger, we all love sitting down together and watching I dream of genie & Gilligan's Island. Oh I could go on and on the trouble is they seem to only be shown on Pay T.V

We really do have to monitor closely what they watch now. Yeah I know there was violence in the early super heroes and what about Cowboys & Indians but the good guys always came out on top without it being so graphically violent. We aren't able to change what they show on television but as adults we can decide what our children watch.

Tell me what were your favourite shows???????????????

What are your children watching these School hols???????????

Who remembers watching this on a Saturday morning what a classic!!!

The Banana Splits were so cool!

Life's a Beach

Casey & Emerald + Casey & Lane

Spring is sprung and summer will soon be here.The weather has been so lovely in our neck of the woods.

One of our favourite summer pastimes(like most Aussies) is going to the beach.See the gorgeous photo of Emerald,Lane-Austin & Chloe the Jack Russell.However this year will be a bit different for us with Casey not being here.
After a long swim and a play on the beach we like to wander along the beachfront, ice cream dripping in hand.Then as the sun begins to set we sit in the park overlooking the ocean eating our traditional "Fish & Chips".We all arrive home tired and contented,salty and sandy where the kids begin the mad dash for first in the shower.
Last year Grandad gave us 2 kayak's, so this added another avenue of fun for our beach days. Of course kids being kids they picked it up straight away. Paddling off into the sea with Mum on the shore yelling instructions not to go to far,watch for jet skis etc. etc. Alas I think the wind must of been blowing the wrong way as they didn't seem to hear.Now maybe this year I'll tell them about the sharks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Fallen Soldiers

This one is for my darling son Casey who is in the Army.May you always be safexxxooo

Turn your speakers up!!!

Welcome All

Welcome All !!! To "The Simple Things " I have decided to call my blog this as I believe that is what life is all about. Anything else is just material.( mind you I don't mind a spot of retail therapy on occasions) My Family,Friends, & Animals are my love and my life. Without them nothing else matters.Oh and did I mention Books & Good Food.


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