Monday, June 28, 2010


Look what your little "sis" does to your big tough Red Cattle dog

when your away......

and it's a long long way to be able to get back at her.....he he....LOL

I must admit to having a part in this too darling son.....we had so much fun,but doesn't Maverick look like he's having fun to!!

Wish you were here.

I hope you enjoyed your last Care Package. I sent you a letter today.

Sorry to all my other blog readers for the personal post but hey it's such a good way for Soldier boy to see photos etc..and for his Mum to have a dig at him from afar!!!

MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooo

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I picked this basket of citrus off our trees recently.

There are Lemonade fruit, Oranges & Mandarin's for the picking at our home at the moment. I find growing some of our own fruit saves quite a bit as some of my kids are real fruit bats. I also make freshly squeezed orange/mandarin juice & freeze some. While I know the skins are blemished & they don't look as "Perfect" as the shop bought ones, I also know they have not been sprayed constantly with all the nasty chemicals (citrus are sprayed alot) All we use here in our home is horse & chicken poo, a certified organic fish/kelp spray (which incidentally is produced only 20Min's from here -YEH!! for local) and occasionally some Epsom salts in warm water when the trees are looking a little magnesium deficient, due to our soil Arghh!!

(Oh and many thanks to blogger who refused to load the photo the right way)

I saw this idea of making little teacups & saucers on someones blog recently. I am sorry that I can't give that blogger credit as I can't remember where I saw it, but please leave me a comment telling everyone where I did see it. Must be old age it's Birthday time for me again.

They are the sweetest, easiest things for the kids to make and as it's school holidays in our neck of the woods, a great activity for the holidays. No cooking all you need is some Tick Tok biscuits, a packet of marshmallows, a tube of pink musk lifesavers, some sprinkles and some icing to stick it all together.

Have a great week
Caroline xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy, Buy American Pie

Very funny, but also very scary as it's all to true.

What do you think???

Please leave me a comment with your views..........


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sappers Darren Smith and Jacob Moerland along with the Explosives Detection sniffer dog Herbie died in Afghanistan on Monday from an Improvised Explosive Device -IED

It has been said that while Herbie had detected the IED the soldiers had no way of knowing that it would be detonated by remote control by Taliban Insurgents when they become in close proximity to it.

They were part of the 2nd Combat Engineers Regiment based at Enoggera in Brisbane
(The same base my son is posted to) As the Mother of a son who is currently deployed this has hit home hard(very hard)

To the families of Darren Smith & Jacob Moerland my deepest sympathies are with you as you walk along this terrible road. To Darren Smith's son Mason, may you grow up always knowing your Daddy was a hero who served his country proudly.

While we as Australians mourn for the lose of our own, let us honour the fact they died in service to our county.

May you rest in peace brave soldiers you have served you country well.

To all our other deployed soldiers including my darling soldier boy son. We honour love & respect you. Keep safe until you reach our shores and your families loving arms.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Emerald bought these 3 little ducklings home from school, as the girl who had them wasn't allowed to keep them. We always have our laying hens and sometimes we raise a batch of meat chickens for our own consumption but we have not kept ducks for about 5yrs now. I had forgotten what a mess they make, not to mention the smell.
I do love ducks though and as a child I had one very special duck called "Mabel". When we went to live by the sea when I was seven I would carry her down for a swim in the ocean then pop her back under my arm and walk home again. Even back then I would get a few weird looks.
If these ducks are drakes(does that makes sense) we will prepare them for the table by Christmas otherwise if they are ducks(& I'm hoping) I will have lovely fresh ducks eggs to bake with. Time will soon tell but until then I will make sure I were shoes when walking in the garden!!


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