Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well here we go again.

Where is Oopsey holidaying now??

The United States of America

but not just anyway in the states

after the cold of visiting Gill in Canada, Oopsey has now continued her travels to sunny California.

Yep that's right folks she's a travelling bear and if you would like to catch up with her recent holiday piccies you can check out Janeen's wonderful blog "Chachaneen" here!!

AND after Oopsey finishes her holiday there where and which country will she be off to next??

Who knows?

If you would like Oopsey to visit you at your place check out Janeen's blog and leave her a comment. When Oopsey has finished holidaying in California she will be drawing the next holiday destination.
Have a great day all

Monday, March 30, 2009


Well I guess everybody knows what I'm going to blog about today when you read the title, But in case you didn't realize by now CHOOKS & SEEDLINGS DON"T MIX

If it wasn't for my keep calm & carry on attitude I am sure you would have read about a mass chook massacre in SE QLD in the papers this morning.

Yesterday Arvo I planted out 6 dozen vegie seedlings. All healthy little babies of - Broccoli, Asian Greens, Lettuce, Beetroot & Spring Onions. After planting them all successfully I of course watered them, all the while sending them good energy that they may grow & thrive into yummy food for us.

Enter the chook family. Rodney Rooster & his girls. Well it ends here there is really nothing more to say, we all know the story from here. NO MORE SEEDLINGS.

Yep what they didn't eat they scratched 10ft across the yard. I mean it's not as if my vegie bed was easy to get to. They did have to travel about 3/4 acre & traverse 2, 5 foot wire fences. I think they need some lessons on being a chook. Why would you want to travel here when you can scratch around another couple of acres of paddocks, look for tasty morsels around a dam, have a good scratch around a stable yard and & pick up the horses dropped grain.

Needless to say the chooks will not be doing much free ranging anymore. Such a shame cause I do like to have them free range. I have never had a lot of hens like these ones. All the hens I have had in the past have always stayed down the back and never travelled. This lot of girls are into everything - in the house yard, in the neighbors, even around onto the footpath. My only saviour is they have just about come to the end of their laying career and I can ill afford with the price of grain now to keep hens that do not produce. Years ago we kept our hens forever we had some that were 7 and only laid 1 egg a week unfortunately now they have to go. I do not feed the cheap pellets or mash to the hens (who knows what they put in it) the hens get a grain mix. Just a mixed grain that has not been altered in anyway except to crack it.

So thats my post for today very disapppointing. Today you were to get a photo of my vegie babies now just a photo of Rodney Rooster in his nice natural habitat that he chooses not to free range in.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Our Family loves going to thrift shops,garage sales & markets. We never know what treasures await us. We have been known to bring home some pretty weird & wonderful pre-loved items some we have regretted, some we have soon discarded to our garage sales & some we have loved,cherished & used for many years. We have also been known to bring home the odd animal or two. Hens,Roosters,G/pigs & even a horse.

When I was a young child probably about 5 or 6 my Mum bought home a giveaway, all white Kitten. I still remember him arriving as he was in the funniest cane basket that had a big lid. I remember lifting the lid and being very surprised there was a kitten in there. We named him Ben & Ben became a treasured childhood pet.

These are the things we found on our recent jaunt-

One Vintage & very Aussie pillowcase that my son utterly adores & doesn't
want to use any others now!! It had never been used someone recently told me they
were given away as a promotion thingy in the late 70's. Bargin at $1.

One Little enamel dish for 50cents.

Perfect dog dish for "Chloe Emma"

This cute little barrels 2 for a $1 that I have put toothpicks in.

They suit my Western Decor "Mighty Fine"

Do you go "Op Shopping"?? I would love to hear of your finds!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Correcting him!!



Music essential part or accompaniment

I rather like our meanings better take Lisha's for example she had watched "The Waterboy" so thinks it is a part of your brain.

Denise has an Obligation to an Italian friend Mmmmm wonder what that is maybe some yummy Italian cooking.

daisymum I really hope you do not play an instrument or do you happen to be the conductor. daisymum thinks it might be when the conductor pokes you with his stick to get you to play at the right time well I suppose that he might be Obbligato to.

Cabbageheart you never fail to impress. Obbligato is a name of a cake not any cake mind you but a wobbly cake.

It seems Mari new the answer all along(lol) it wasn't cake or conductors,Law or brain stems at Mari's house it is the name of her new pet- her 3 legged alligator.

And if all else fails and you can't seem to work out what all the above mumble/jumble is take Donna advice and know that you are always Obbligato to Obbligo the law.

Getting back to the real world now. Joolz has done a fantastic post on "Why I live where I live" I can highly recommend popping over to her blog and reading this post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her little slice of heaven.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


AND the word for today is



Now this is a game we haven't played in a while and for all my new readers & followers I will explain.

I pick a word(Wednesday's Word) and you must leave me a comment with the meaning of the word, BUT here's the trick we are rewriting the English Dictionary so the meaning you leave in the comment section must be YOUR interpretation.

Then I do a follow up post with all your meanings. Some of the interpretations we have had in the past have been hilarious.

If you would like to see the "Wednesday's Words" we have done in the past please look at them here.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Linda over at Remote Treechanger has also done a post on "Why I live where I live" you can view it here.

The mountains around where she lives look beautiful. I have really enjoyed doing these posts and it is so nice to see other parts of the country from reading peoples posts that they have done.

If you would like to do a "Why I live where I live" post (so we can all enjoy & learn about other areas we may never see)please leave me a comment & I will link it to here.


Monday, March 16, 2009


This a view I am lucky to see every day.

These are the Glasshouse Mountains. Surrounded by lovely national parks they are a great spot to go to of a weekend with many different bushwalks, camping & picnic areas. You can read more about them here. Click on the external link when you look at that page & it will show you some really awesome pictures.

Since doing my last post on "Where I live" others have shown an interest in doing a post on their area. Cathy from Cathy's Capers has already done hers so you can go visit her place here.

The area I did in my last post is about an hour from my place, I also live near the mountains with three large ranges within 5-10Min's from me. I will be showing you those at a latter date. I have decided to do a geographical area within about an hour in each direction. I think this will give readers especially international readers a fair idea of the place. If you would like to do a post on "Why I live where I live" please leave me a comment(Thanks Cathy) and I will link you to here. Unfortunately I think most of us (me included) really have to admit we usually live near where our jobs are. DARN I think saying that just spoilt everything.


Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the beach where we found all our treasures that are on my last post.

I did think of naming this post "Why I Live where I Live"

Why do you live where you live?? Tell me?? If you do a post let me know!!

We love to go up here of a weekend & camp on the beach @ the base of these cliffs.

The small dots on the beach are the cars.

Often from this spot you can look down and see turtles bobbing around.

This day we saw two. Sometimes you can even see a shark that has come in to feed on the small fish that hang around the rocks.

Heading down the beach to look for a good spot to set up camp.

The breathtaking view from up on top. If you look closely at the lowest
rock there are two people fishing.

This is a great place to do a spot of Whale watching.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


BEACHCOMBER (noun) - Person who searches shore debris for anything of worth. (And may I add natural beauty)

Barnacle encrusted coconut from some faraway tropical Isle.

The biggest jelly fish I have ever seen

An itty bitty fishy with a kinda funny antenna that didn't save him
from being stranded

Nasty but oh so fascinating Blue bottle.
Brings back painful childhood
memoirs of being enveloped in their nasty tentacles

And just as the sun rises over the ocean I stumble upon the most precious find
2 little sea urchins.
Think I'll take this pair home and LOve'em to bits!!


Monday, March 9, 2009



Can't blog write now the mooooovies!! about to start.

Wonder if the cattle will be mooovieing with us.

This post proudly brought to you by someone with an off sense of humour.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am angry.......

AND for those of you that know me personally you will know it takes a lot to make me angry. I caught up with somebody that I hadn't seen for many years & you know how the conversation goes -What you up to these days??? Where are you living??? What are the kids doing??? Well that is when the problem started. I happened to mention my son had joined the defence force.

Well didn't that open a mine field.

(This is what they said & what I WISHED I had of said but didn't)

It went like this-

I never knew you supported war......Like hello I DON'T!!!

I can't imagine why any mother would want their child to join the defences......

Ever thought my son might just be a well balanced, hard working young adult that can actually accept discipline.

(& can I please mention here that you just told me your son is on the dole and you regularly get told by him to Get F***** )Please bare in mind I trust my son to make his own career choices.

While I realize that the defences isn't for everybody. It is just as well somebodies sons/daughters do it or I guess Australia would be without an Army.

Oh and buy the way have you ever stopped to wonder why you and your friends are able to wave your no-war placards and not be shot down in the street, like you would be in some countries.

Lastly before you go to sleep tonight maybe you should think about- If Australia ever does become under threat. Would you and your family want to be protected by The Australian Defence Force or would you very kindly say thanks but no thanks I do not need your protection.

Please remember I haven't yet got Alzheimer's and I remember a time when you were caught in a natural disaster. My last question did you accept their help then????

Well I hope you at least said thank you.

I know you will never read this post and I probably wouldn't want you to anyway, but hey it sure made me feel better by writing it.

If you have got this far in the post of listening to my rant "sorry" but I have had this reaction before and I am tired of it. Please take the time to watch the video below even though it is on American soldiers it is quite applicable to our Aussie soldiers.

You will have to pause my playlist.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well it looks like little Oopsey finally reached Canada safely. Well at least she didn't get eaten by any customs dogs anyway. If you want to know more about Oopsey's holiday read my post here

If you would like Oopsey to visit you or you would like to see what she is doing in Canada please visit Gill's blog. I'm sure you will find lots of other enjoyable posts as well. I know I do!!

Hope you all have an enjoyable & restful weekend


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well I'm back home and in the process of trying to get things/routines back to normal. The last week has been very draining to say the least. Although I must say T's funeral was a beautiful celebration of his life.

Finally I have drawn my 100th post giveaway. I am sorry I did not have time to attend to this before I got called away.

Anyway drum roll please.........

and the winner is ???????????????????


Thank you to everybody that entered & left a comment. You know I love all of you commenter's.

A lovely day to you all.



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