Sunday, June 7, 2009


I know, I 've been a bit slack in the blogging department AGAIN!!

Must say I do miss it though, but more the catching up on every bodies blog and leaving a comment. Looks like I'll have a lot of catching up to do this week.

I have been back out home to Roma again. This time to pick up some furniture. We are so lucky to have such good friends there. Friends that have helped & stood by me through thick and thin. True Friends!!

The kids all love going back to there roots, catching up with the kids they grew up with and making you realize as you watch them hanging out together how much they really all have grown.

This is one of the only times the kids have been out to Roma and not visited their Daddy's grave. In fact they didn't even ask to. I have been puzzling over this for days since we have got back but have not said anything to them. They know what they want to do and for me to say anything may make them feel as if they should or have to. I have always let the kids lead the way here -talk if they want to or not if they don't. I think this has been the best way. What do others think??

See the photo above doesn't she look so "at home"

It just goes to show you can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. DD declared to me that she would love to go back to her old school St Johns to finish her senior year.

Mmmm I swear the Ute never used to be THAT full of kids -They really have grown. Seems like there is more toy dogs and less working dogs as well now or maybe it's just a new breed.

Hope all my Aussie readers are enjoying their long weekend.



Lisha said...

Glad to see you had a bit of a break, good to see you back again.

Kids are intriguing, they won't tell you much, but when they want to they will, if that makes any sense. I think it's our job as parents to give them those opportunities and be there to listen when they are ready to talk and not necessarily hound it out of them....unless it's a matter of emergency or urgency. My kids are like me, observers rather than talkers.

They grow up way to fast.

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Ah, nothing like a flog around a paddock in the back of a ute! Fun times. We used to do this at the beach when I was little. There is no way I would let my girls in the back of a 4WD to go over sand dunes now. What were my mother and father thinking (Dad drove)! We used to hang on for dear life and fly up huge sand hills, sometimes having to have 2-3 goes at getting up. Makes me shiver to think now. Yipes, I'm growing old!

Bri went to her first 16th party last night. It was a black and white semi-formal do. Bri and her 2 friends came out of the bedroom,dressed to the nines, looking more like 21 year olds! Anyhoo, the party was shut down at 10.30pm. Unfortunately, Bri's friend Samantha had a full seizure on the dance floor and got carted off in an ambulance. There was strobe lighting so that must have triggered it. She is okay today. So with everyone so upset they finished up the party which was a shame. Drama, drama, drama (and I think there may have been a bit of boy kissing too! :)
Hell, I think I need to go check for grey hairs!

Cheers - Joolz

Joolz said...

Hi again,

My kids have only suffered the loss of their grandfather (Angus' father)who they were not particularly close to. It's hard to know if they think of him much. We talk of him from time to time but he was not really active in their lives.

For a very special remembrance (*tear jerker alert*) visit Jenn at

She lost a baby son to Trisomy 18. William lived for only 17 days. Check out what her dear daughter penned in her May 23rd blog , A Time to Remember - it's about the baby's blue blanket.

He daughter must be a very special girl to write down what she was feeling. I don't think she is very old. I cried my eyes out.

When I visit my dad's grave I just wonder what he would be like as an old man of 81 now and how much he would have adored our kids.


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
So good to see you back - trips 'home' can be tiring can't they.
Lovely to see those photos of the wide open spaces - will travelling through them myself in 6 weeks when we take the Newell to Bowen. Will be spending th winter there hopefully in warm sunshine lol
Take care

ps have been trying to comment during the day but it wouldn't go through

flmom said...

I just finished reading Steve & Me by Terri Irwin last week and was having trouble picturing a Ute. I don't know why. How fun to come here and find pictures. Welcome back to blogland!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I think you are right to let take the pace in their own time. It won't be that they don't care or have forgotten. You all look so happy in the photos. Glad you had a great time.


Caroline said...

Joolz I cringe to when I see little kids in the back of utes. Mine always had to have an adult with them. Notice in the photo their all being good responsible young adults all sitting on bottoms, after I drilled them of courseLOL!!

I hope Samantha is okay now.The stobe lighting is a real no no for people that have seizures.

Cathy I hope you enjoy your winter holiday up here. Will you still be blogging??

Thank you ladies for all your comments it's good to toss ideas around & get another point of view. It also reaffirms that what I am doing is the right thing and THAT makes me feel so much better.

Cassie said...

Your daughter does look at home sitting on that fence rail. It's rodeo time here in N.Idaho and Western Montana and I'll go to several probably. Not as a participant, but a spectator. I love to watch them. I guess you guys might participate?? I only look at horses from afar, as I hate to admit this, but I'm afraid of them...cows too. eekk.

About the kids visiting their papa's grave. I think I'd also just wait for them to decide when it's time to visit it again. I personally like to talk about my Daddy, it seems to help keep him alive in my mind. Then I also dream about him, and I really enjoy getting to see him again, all healthy and young.
I gotta say, I really admire you.You've been given a rough road and seem to handle it beautifully.


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