Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Anyone want to play the word game today????

Wednesday's word is

TEMERITY (tim-merr-it-tee)

If you don't have a clue like I didn't, have a guess & put it in my comments box the suggestions are often much funnier than the real meaning!! (aren't they daisymum)

Be back later to enlighten you all.


Unknown said...

I can use it in a sentence does that count??

He had the TEMERITY to write in his auto email repaly that he would be available to discuss work on the mobile while we are away on holidays!!

So I guess it means "gall", "nerve" or my personal view "stupidity".

I had the temerity to write asking him if he had checked with this wife about that!!!!!!!!!!!

But it could mean the area a termite exterminator works in..........

i love this much more than wordless wednesdays caroline.


Unknown said...

You know I have only seen your son on herebut yesterday i took a double take as I was sure I had just walked past him maybe i did was he with you???

I almost sent you a text to let you know that we were heading that way...never mind maybe after the big C is over we can meet for a film day send the kids to the movies and we can sit and have a coffee and a chat????


flmom said...

I think daisymum hit it with "gall" or "nerve". My answer would be "audacity".

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh and here I was thinking it was something to do with termites as well!!!!

Gill in Canada

Lisha said...

Sounds like a fancy merit award to me, said with much emphasis... "And tonights TEMERITY goes to......" Otherwise I have no clue :+}

Linda said...

All that comes to mind for me is dexterity and does it relate?


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