Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just a quick post to show you all this photo of my DD & me, we were just coming back from taking the cattle back to their paddock. Both these horses are cutting horses (Quarter Horses)

It's one of my favourites as I love riding with my daughter & she adores this horse.

Have been so busy this week so have had not much time to blog just a quick look in when I have a minute.

Today was hectic as I had to drive to Toowoomba to pick up Horse Semen to AI a mare it's about a 2 1/2 hr drive each way so that was 5 hrs out of my day. I left quite early as I had soundness evaluations booked in as well as prospective buyers coming to see sale horses. I also had to take a horse to Corbould Park Track on the Sunshine Coast. If anyone knows that song
"I've been everywhere man" well that was me today!!

Can't wait to go have a nice shower & spend some time with my darlings. Dinner will be something real simple as I feel to tired to cook, probaly omelettes & a salad. The chooks are laying really well at the moment so we are inundated with fresh eggs. I have some berries frozen that need to be used up so will have that with some icecream for dessert. Not homemade icecream, though I love it but can't find my never fail quick easy reciepe have turned the house upside down baffles me where I could have put it the one thing is though I may have tucked it in a book I'm pretty good at doing that. Has anyone ever used one of those icecream makers?? If so are they good??


flmom said...

Such a pretty picture! I enjoy reading about your job so much. It must be amazing to get to work with such lovely creatures. I am glad to know I'm not the only one that misplaces recipes and then tears the house apart in an effort to locate them. I am so bad about that. I keep saying I'm going to get my homemade recipe binder in order, but I never do.......

MelMel said...

Hello....thank you for popping in, very nice to meet you, i'll be back soon to read your blog!

flmom said...

CSA stands for "community supported agriculture". Most require you purchase a membership in the farm for a stated period of time. The farm determines the price. With your "investment" you are taking a chance on how well or poorly the farm does. Most charge different prices depending on how large of a box of produce you will get each week (1/4 box, 1/2 box, or a full box) and most do not let you choose what goes into the box (they select from the produce they have available). The farm closest to us is not only requiring people to purchase a "membership" but to work on the farm each week as well. They will then issue certificates based on how many hours you worked and you redeem those to "purchase" the produce. How they are doing it seems very odd to me. Why have to purchase a membership (which entitles you to a percentage of the farm's output) AND have to work on the farm too. Here is an explanation -

You asked if the moon and stars watermelon is grown a lot here. In all honesty, it was the only kind of organic watermelon seeds available at the store where I purchased my seeds! I am not familiar with them so this is a completely new experience. My paternal grandfather had a really large garden each year when I was young and I recall him growing watermelons, but I don't know what kinds. I do remember one was an orange fleshed one and it was my favorite.

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline!

I was wondering where you were busy day huh???

Love the photo. I ahven't ridden in years although as you are aware everyone around here does. Maybe next year when daisyboy4 is off to prep I might find a day or two to grab someone's horse to exercise.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Hope you find your ice cream recipe.


Gill - That British Woman said...

the last time I made icecream it was so good and it included rapsberries and no ice cream maker, that was years ago, and I ended up lossing the recipe. I would like an ice cream maker its just not a priority at the moment.

Gill in Canada

The Old Dairy said...

Hi Caroline,
That is a great photo of the two of you.
Next time you come to tmba and have some time we could meet for a cuppa...

Caroline said...

Mandy that sounds like a fantastic idea. Hope you & yours have a great weekend. Caroline

Willow said...

Hi there! I found your blog via Melmel's .... what a gorgeous photo of you and your daughter riding, and what beautiful horses! I took up riding again a couple of years ago, and now its something my DD and I do together (she's 14 & I'm 45!!). That's the wonderful thing about horses, isn't it .. you can enjoy their company no matter what age you are! I will enjoy reading more of your blog.
Willow x


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