Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay daisymum
I am rising to your challenge not because I really want to but cause I think we should do.

I mean I was giving The Marie Antoinette award earlier in the week. This award being given to the people that particular blogger thinks is keeping things "real"

daisymum did a really good post the other day called Tweenies which I think is a true representation of how a lot of us think & feel. She points out to us- do some of the things that bother us eg. housework really matter in the long run. She then goes on to challenge us to be upfront and show the "Nasties" well here goes. Here are some of the things that are getting to me at the moment!!! & there are more where these come from.

By the way these ARE breakfast dishes AND it is 5pm

Truly though these are the messies that are in my house and a lot of other busy mums homes at times, but when I sit down to blog I want to show you the nice things, I want things to be perfect just for that short time even if I know and you know in reality they are not.

We also know that friends & family are more important than mopped floors & neatly made beds but I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing that we do not want others to see this, for the most part we are simply showing we have pride and self esteem in ourselves when our homes are clean, our families are happy and their is a nice meal on the table. It at least tells us we are somewhat getting there.

This garden bed has been sitting way to long & could be producing

more homegrown yummies right now!!

Well I suppose you can tell what is more important to me at this very moment can't you?? or I guess you wouldn't be reading this post. LOL!!

Until next time remember happiness is more important than perfection which is never achievable when you will just then rise the standard.

Anyway it's dinner time & I'm off to do breakfast dishes.

I wonder who else is up for the challange?????


Linda said...

I loved your photos they are homely and made me feel at home, but I don't know how to express it properly. I could visualise a cold drink in that glass.

flmom said...

You are braver than me! So often I nix a photo I'm considering posting because something messy is showing in it. LOL I was thinking this morning about what a mess my house is in right now and then stopped myself and remembered that we live, play, and enjoy ourselves here. It's not some uptight, perfect place that no one feels comfortable in.

Unknown said...

Well done very cathartic isn't it ?

I promise no more honesty shots required for at least another 6 months!!!

I like to think that the universe sends some lurker to your site today and he or she sees the sink and thinks oh thank goodness someone else would rather be communicating with people than washing dishes. We all know it gets done eventually (even if we do have to run out plates for it to happen)but sometimes it is nice for those who are struggling through their day to see they aren't alone.

Have a fantastic weekend my friend


Caroline said...

Thanks everbody your comments are encouraging now I have aired the "dirt". Thanks Linda once again. I did it!! I managed to link it!! Do you want to be my new found computer tech??LOL

Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
I also took up Daisymum's challenge and bared my living room to the world. All tidy now so its much more soothing on the mind - and the eyes lol
BTW thanks for dropping in the other day and for your comments about finding a rest home for my Aunt. She is settling in very nicely at the one we finally found for her.
Take care


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