Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reducing Plastics in your Home & Thrift Shopping

For many many years now I have been trying to reduce the use of plastics in my home. This came to the forefront of my concerns when my last child was born with Autism. These kids are and/or very likely to be overloaded & effected by chemicals.

By the way Lego is one of the most stable plastics you can get, thank goodness -my last born is obsessed with it.

Most people know of the nasty chemicals used in the making of plastics and how these can leach into the products contained in them. Plastics contain molecules called Phthalates (which effect the endocrine system) they infiltrate everything they touch as well as this they are by-products of the petroleum industry which makes them a big pollutant.

Usually the cheaper the plastic container the more chemically unstable it is. For example pharmaceutical plastic is much more stable than say your cheap plastic container from the dollar shop.(Have you ever walked into one of these dollar shops and smelt the plastic chemical in the air? my youngest used to go troppo in those shops) this is because the harder the plastic the more chemically stable it is.(hence leggo being ok)

So please, if you do have a lot of plastics please make sure they are not the soft variety and avoid vinyl's which are highly unstable. Leather is a good alternative to vinyl and yes, I know of the price difference but the initial outlay is nothing compared to the years of use you will get out of leather if you maintain it well.

The photo above of the ceramic pumpkin container is what I picked up at the op-shop for $8. I was going to use it to store my homemade Laundry Detergent in but the shelf in my laundry isn't big enough for it so I am now storing my dog treats in it. Unfortunately the lid does not seal well enough to store food stuffs in it. Still a great thrift shop bargain though which I am sure I will use for many years to come.

I certainally can not eliminate all plastics from my home but I do try to find alternatives if it is at all possible.

Do You??



Kylie said...

Amazingly since finding out I am gluten intolerant and no longer eating gluten I am much more affected by smells and thing such as plastic. We are limiting the use of plastics here. I can't walk into cheap shops anymore with out feeling nauseaus and faint.

Great score on the pumpkin container!

Caroline said...

Thanks for commenting Aspiring Millionaire, Good to see others are trying to limit their plastics usage to. I think the cheapie shops must affect a lot of people. Goes to show you really do get what you pay for!!

Tania said...

I have been trying to do the same Caroline, I have replaced most of my plastic dishes with glass. A bit expensive, but I did it over time.

I want to stop using the microwave for cooking, especially as most items are cooked in plastic containers...

Even plastic babies bottles are dangerous to use especially in a microwave, I have been guilty of this...scary!

Have cut out cling wrap too. I think the best idea is not to buy it and have in the house. Our grandmothers did without all the plastics didn't they?


Tania said...

Oh and I love the pumpkin pot!

Donna said...

You are SO right!!!
And you can use a piece of tin foil or a thin clothe on that pumpkin opening then just put the top on. Works for me.


Great find on that pumpkin. I'm sure you'll find many uses for it...

Caroline said...

Tania, I have found some of my best glass dishes at op-shops along with quite a few pyrex dishes that I use in the microwave as I don't use plastic microwave dishes.
We have cut down on using our microwave, I no longer cook in it but I still use it for reheating-usually only 2-3times a week but I'm still not ready to get rid of it altogether.

Donna, that's a great idea, never thought of that.

Marco Pasha, Thanks I sure hope I do.

Enviro bags said...

Lego is fine just make sure it has no led content.


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