Friday, December 12, 2008



Numinous (adj) is arousing religious or spiritual emotions OR mysterious or awe-inspiring.

As for me I rather like daisymums witty answer. daisymum can we please play this game more often and maybe rewrite the dictionary??

Daisymum I do feel you may have a hidden sense of humour. I can just see it. A bottle of wine, some choccy cake, chicken soup for when you are sick, a shot of coffee and one taxi driver & axe murderer thrown in for good measure all while sitting on the lounge watching childrens videos-which I forgot, while you are making a red & White Polka Dot Tea Cosy for a stalker.

Linda & Lisha you must be the brains of us.

The Old Dairy I'm like you- need my spell check maybe we both should play this more often and then we can have astounding intellectual conversations via our comments page. "Saz"me that's so proud I've put all the links on this page. Hope they work!!


Linda said...

Just thought I'd let you know I read this lovely post.

My eldest and his girlfriend will be here early in the morning for a visit.

The Vintage Rose said...

Oooh I like this game, even though I had no idea what the answer was and didn't get to guess because I went to bed at 7pm, without visiting anyone, after getting home from 5 days full time work (via a friend's for birthday afternoon tea - no alcohol involved, just orange & almond cake, salsa & corn chips and tea)

The Vintage Rose said...

OOPS! I clicked on previous post comments to leave the fabulous message that YOU WON! the Vintage Snack Set - I'm so excited for you! Can you email me your address So I can post it really soon!

Tania said...

Hi Caroline,

I have an award over at my blog for you to collect.


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