Sunday, November 9, 2008


My cherub is sending you all hugs & kisses.

Thankyou to all you wonderful wonderful people that stop by my blog to read my posts each day.

A very special thankyou also to my dear followers. When I first started blogging I was so surprised that anyone would want to read my blog. Now I am enjoying seeing my world map fill up as I have visits from around the globe.

A very heartfelt thankyou goes out to my very first followers Mandy @ The Old Dairy, Linda @ Remote Treechanger, Daisymum & flmom. I feel very privileged to have all my followers but specially you lovely ladies as you inspired me to keep on blogging.

So keep dropping in I love having you all over to visit. There are no strangers on my blog just friends I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Please leave me a comment & tell me your thoughts??

Caroline xoxo


Teena said...

I am only new to blogging as well, my brother @ Greening of Gavin inspired me to start blogging. I have read some really fake ones with super mums who achieve in a day what i achieve in a week but there are also some really great ones. Well done on yours hun...better to blog your gardening and greening efforts than watch daytime soapies i reckon.

Linda said...

That is true teena, I don't watch much TV, but I am watching Idol, even though it gets a bit much at time.

Caroline it is just so nice to have you in my blog circle of friends. I am very impressed with your European visits.

flmom said...

You're so sweet! I so enjoy reading blogs from other countries. It helps me learn so much more about our world and I'm finding so many like-minded people. :o)

You asked about sloppy joe's. Hubby makes ours using ground beef. I will post his recipe soon.

Unknown said...

Oh Caroline thank you so much, is this cherub living in your garden he is so CUTE!!

I love to read what you are up to I think it helps us all feel less isolated and I for one always feel like I am kind of accountbale if I say I am off to do something (except clean the sewing room ) then I think oh i must do that and get a photo. It is motivating.


The Old Dairy said...

I have getting to know you and your family, your right about
"there beinging no strangers only friends I havn't had the pleasure of meeting yet"
I totally agree with that, I love the way we get to learn about other countries that I know I will never get to yet i know that I have friends there......

Unknown said...

Caroline weird question but have you got a local council by- election coming up on Dec 6th?? I am not sure what area you live in. My BIL is running in that election so if you are and want to know more about him - let me know via my gmail address.


Tilly said...

What a lovely photo and a lovely post (and thank you for your lovely comment on my 'remembrance'post - I don't know how people stay sane when they have loved ones in the military. I would go mad with worry).

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for leaving your comments on my don't have a reply email addy so I can't reply to you....


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