Sunday, November 8, 2009


This old Mincer was lying discarded on the floor of a shed, that's till little old me nabbed it and bought it home to live. It didn't look like this mind you!! The person I got it off said it is at least 50years old. It weighs a ton which brings to my mind they just don't make things like they use to.

I have been looking at Mincer's this year in all the kitchen shops, most are around the $150.00 mark for one with any quality about it, but yet they are still not as heavy as this. I mean this thing literally weighs a ton. I hope I never drop it on my toe although I would probably have a hole in the floor to!!

I have scrubbed & scalded & then scrubbed & scalded again. I then soaked it in Olive Oil.

It has come up pretty good, so next time my local IGA has Rump Steak on special I will try my hand at making my own Mince(Ground Beef). In my area Mince ranges in price from $4.99kg(I would only use this for pet mince) TO $13.99kg for premium. The IGA has Rump Steak regularly on special for $5.99kg but at least I will have the advantage that I know what is in it eg-Preservative Free. Also it is common knowledge in Australia, among people in the trade that water is added to the mince to make it weigh more.

Mmm I would rather pay for wine than water!!


Kim said...

That's so cool !!!!! I have had some luck with picking up old kitchen stuff over the years but nothing like that.

Donna said...

Hope it turns out!! My Mom & Dad had one!!hughugs

Joolz said...

Ha, Caroline - that is so true. I bet the next bolognaise sauce you make will be unreal plus you can have that glass of wine too! Great savings!! I hate how you buy mince and it is a nice red colour but grey/brown when you break it open. Yuck! You can also mince chicken thighs, pork and veal too.

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...

Ah. I was wondering why they started pumping mince. It really is a dissapointment after the real stuff.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is neat. We have strict laws about mince/ground beef over here in Canada, but as my ds used to work in the meat department of a grocery store, the stores don't always abide by the rules. The % of fat per grade of ground beef was never where it should be, so making your own sounds like a good plan of action.

As a thank you for commenting on my post on Sunday, I am doing a link back to your blog on Monday.

Gill in Canada

The Vintage Kitten said...

I gave one of these away years ago and Ive regretted it ever since. Im so envious (in a nice way) X

Lindsay said...

I have an exact same mincer here in the UK. It was passed down to me from my mother - in fact I can remember her using it when I was a child. It is a very efficient machine!

Caroline said...

That's a great idea Joolz. D'ER me didn't thinks of doing other meat & I don't know why as I do use Chicken & pork mince. Thanks!! trust a blogging friend to have a great idea.

Lindsey glad to hear you have the same mincer and it is good that means I should have no probs!!

Kim isn't it great when you find old kitchenwares.

Keep looking Vintage Kitchen and you may be lucky enough to find another one like I did.

Caroline said...
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Anonymous said...

The Mincer brings back memories of childhood on the Dairy Farm. The mincer was a regularly used item in our home.


Jackie said...

What a great find. I was given my Great grandmothers mincer a few years ago. I havent used it yet, it's also very heavy.

Caroline I have known Julie for years I met her through a yahoo scrapping group when I first got a computer and discovered scrapping. Years ago when she came up here for holidays we would take the kids skating. I dont see her much these days and she is a wild woman rofl. There's only one Julie H lol.

bellaboo said...

I remember my mum using one like that!I used to turn the handle and I remember the 'squelchy' noise as the meat went through and then seeing the 'worms' I saw them...come out the other side.
I bought one from car boot and it's been in the garage ever since!


Tania said...

Nothing quite like homemade mince meat.

I have one of these and used to make my own mince from the cheaper cuts of meat. Tis good!

Hope you have a great weekend Caroline,

Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
I have kicked my self so many times 'cose I gave mine away to an op shop many years ago. Regretted it almost as soon as I left it there and have never found another one to replace it lol
Do buy mince but am always cagey about buying it if that makes sense - really not sure what they put in it.
take care

pendant lighting said...

I love to stumble on to these little treasures. That's a real find.


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