Friday, November 21, 2008



Let me introduce you to a member of our family he is the one & demanding "Pikelet Amadeus"

He is the colour of freshly cooked piklets out of a hot buttery pan he is the creamy colour and then the darker golden brown as well. One morning four years ago while I was cooking piklets a friend came around with a special delivery. Guess Who??

I have alway called ginger cats marmalade cats. Did you know female ginger cats are much much rarer than male gingers??

By the way, I must tell you all the animals in our house are always given first & second names Why?? jus cause we can!!


Unknown said...


I am most definitley not a cat person - but.... i will grudgingly admit he is gorgeous.

love the two names concept - our dogs have two names from time to time.....



BevB said...

Love your "marmalade" cat :-)
I will have to post a pic of ours one day.

flmom said...

I want to reach through the computer screen and give him a scratch on the head - what a cutie! Our cat is very similar and I have referred to him often as orange marmalade. :o) We also give our pets nicknames and tend to call them by those more often than their real names (though they respond to either).

Yogihan said...

He is so sweet Caroline! What lovely colours. I love that you call them marmalade cats. x

Willow said...

Oh I love him! Have always wanted a marmalade cat! He looks so content sleeping there ...

Love that picture of the cart on your blog.

willow x

The Vintage Rose said...

Oh yum, cooking pikelets, I can almost smell them, and such an appropriate name for your cats colouring.


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