Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well where do I start what a busy week our family has had not much posting going on here but I have been managing to still read most of my readers blogs & trying to comment on as many as I can. Commenting is a valuable feedback on your blogging don't you think, besides it gives me a thrill to know that someone is even remotely interested in what I write.
DD started her holidays with a very grown-up adventure. On Monday she flew from Brisbane Airport to Roma by herself she was so excited about flying out there alone. DD has gone to stay with friends for a week I rang her last night and she was so happy, talking at a millions miles an hour about what she has been up to. Today she is going to visit her dad's grave he died when she was only 6. DD is going to tidy it up a bit as we went there a few weeks ago when we went to Roma for the Roma Cup and it was looking very unloved. Hope she is okay as DD has never been there without me but our friends out there are wonderful people that have been by our sides through everything in fact C actually delivered DD (I have written about that in DD's Birthday post)Guess I'm just being a mother hen & worrying.

The plane trip to Roma takes just over an hour as apposed to nearly 9 hours on the bus. I can drive there in about 5 1/2hrs. Surprisingly the plane is not a lot dearer than the bus. It was a nice reward for DD as she has worked so hard at school this year.

Going to the airport Monday worked in well for me to as I had to travel down there to pick up horse semen that was coming from Victoria. DD's plane left at 4, semen arrived at 5 perfect timing I then had to get back to A.I. the mare didn't finish till 9pm though. arrgh another late one.

Life is busy as is everbodies this time a year no matter how much we try to simplify as a lot of us are there is still so much to do in December.

Have a great day



Unknown said...

You have been TAGGED...check out my blog.

Teena said...

wow the big adventure of Miss Independant, should be good for her Caroline...she is a good girl and you have done a great job, its all up to her now.

Unknown said...

They are held at the Everton Park Hotel Flockton Street Everton Park on Sunday from 9am to 3pm


flmom said...

I hope she has a lovely trip. It never really crossed my mind before, but with this being your summer season are the schools out right now? Our public schools here (in my area at least) follow a calendar of roughly mid-August to late May/early June each school year. Our personal homeschool year runs from late Aug. to early May each school year.

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Caroline, Isn't air travel a fabulous time saver? Sounds like DD is having a ball, and well deserved after all that hard work. You've been tagged, choose whether to participate or not, as I see Maree has tagged you also, Have a great weekend!

Willow said...

Ah, your daughter is lovely, Caroline .. isn't it fantastic to see them growing up and becoming independant? I hope she has a great time - and you don't miss her too much!
Willow x

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

I know the oldest daughter went from southern California to New York City to live a few years ago. For several months my sleep consisted of lying awake thinking about frightening Law and Order (the tv series) episodes...a bit of sleep...waking up and thinking about more horrible Law and Order episodes. Needless to say I prayed a LOT...but she had just turned 21 at the time... nerve wracking but such is life. I'm much better now. You and she are so blessed to have good and trusted friends nearby for her. I'll add her to my list, when I say prayers for my own girl. Blessings from traceyxo


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