Friday, August 20, 2010


I went downstairs to the kids t.v room the other day & this is what I was greeted with...

Lane playing X-Box with his little Silkie bantam, Mary snuggled up on his lap. She looked so contented bundled up in the rug. I didn't have the heart to move anyone of them. So they contentedly sat there for many hours till Lane's eyes began to square from to much of a good thing.Well good for him anyway specially as it's not even his X-Box.

We went over to Soldier Boys house the other day and seeing as he is deployed at the moment Lane thought he might just have to borrow (read take) his x-Box home to our house just to give it some exercise(you know how it is)

It was such a beastly day that day, no good for playing outside anyway. This time of year we get strong (read -gale force) cold westerly winds. Yesterday was a lovely day though it felt just like a warm spring day. Today it is raining we have had 9mls this morning so I hope it keeps up as I won't have to water the veggie patch.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Caroline xoxoo


Joolz said...

They are such cute pictures of Lane and his silky. I don't think I've ever seen a chook snuggled under a rug before. Lol!

Weather here is just atrocious - windy enough to blow you over, hail last night, rain today but the sun is shining too! Roll on spring!

Cheers - Joolz

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Thats a ripper photo!
My Son too loves the xbox when the weather allows for not much else,We have had so much rain and wind...Brrrr!!!

Lisha said...

That is so sweet. I'm surprised little Mary stayed there for so long....maybe she liked the Xbox game too! They certainly look a contented pair.

Happy Weekend to you!!

Linda said...

Before we left the farm when I was 14 I had my own pen, a little box that sat in the corner of the woodshed that opened onto the pen and some lovely bantams. Some were really quiet. Lovely memories.

Donna said...

Those are two Cute little sweeties you've got there Caroline!!Lol
Happy night to you!

inlove144 said...

ha ha ha ha .... glad it is getting some use! K xxxx

Anonymous said...

That little chick is so sweet. What a cute photo.



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