Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been given this wonderful award by flmom at The Narrow Path Little does she know how honoured I am to receive this award as you see I am a true bookworm. Just haven't blogged about it as you may not stop me!!!!

The award states that you must get the book closest to you, turn to page...56, find the fifth sentence type that and then a few more to follow.

The book closest to me at the computer is-

Going Organic-Your guide to a healthier Life

by Kris Abbey

We're constantly told that pollution is just an inevitable by-product of industries and agricultural practices that offer further opportunities for employment. Furthermore, cleaning up pollution can be a major industry in itself, offering a boost to the economy. On the other hand, a bio dynamic farmer, despite selling products within the system, operates on the periphery of the agricultural industry. It is not possible to be completely apart. The air, water and soil are parts of a whole, but biodynamic products are generated from within a different paradigm where the land defines both it's use and limits.

Getting this award today came as an amazing coincidence as I had a lovely day today, I went browsing in some old book shops with my DS18 who is also a bookworm. He and I both got some lovely books. DS & I also went to a new bookshop that always has quite unique books where we stopped to do some christmas shopping before meeting up with the others for lunch.

I am forwarding this award to


Unknown said...

Thankyou for passing this award onto Me..a Bit Surprised...You know I Do Love Books & the Occasional browse through a Book Shop is Theraputic...But I haven't read out of a Novel for nearly 12 months...But I Do read Magazines and I have put this up on my blog.
Thanks again.

The Vintage Rose said...

Ah a bookworm, I used to be! I still read books occasionally, but not as prolifically as I did as a child. Thank you for thinking of me Caroline.


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