Wednesday, December 17, 2008



"Temerity"(n) tim-merr-it-tee. -Boldness or Audacity

Thanks everyone for joining in.

daisymum -Oh what a great sentence you explained the meaning in, bet daisydad doesn't agree but of course you did get the meaning correct. Just hope the Temerity man never has to visit my house to kill the termites!!

Linda does that mean when I type I have great temerity cause I sure don't have the dexterity thing a happening.

Personally I thought if I could get a demerit point, well maybe if I was good I might get a temerity point.

Guess not huh!!

Lisha did they hand out temerity's at your sons end of school awards night. I do so hope he received one.

Good one!! & thanks for joining in again this week Lisha.


Linda said...

That was fun, thanks Caroline!

Unknown said...

Did i mention that I like word wednesdays better than wordless ones!! This is fun Caroline.


Unknown said...

Little ds I was sure I almost walked into him at one stage about 11am???

I cannot believe you were there and I was there with the kids...never mind after we get back from holidays only 2 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mind you daisydad is having a really bad week, things are just piling up so while i was in a joking mood yesteday he was NOT with really big capital letters....he'll be fine once we get there Saturday.


Caroline said...

Little ds was with me all day except when he went with big dd to buy the big mumma her christmas present.

By the way I have looked under the tree and it's not there. He did come home with alot of lego though so i am worried thats where his Christmas present spending money went. Or maybe it's beacause they know mumma is a present- shaker/feeler. hey I do stop short of peeking through the paper though!!

Sympathize with daisydad I have alot of work to tie up this week I went to work very early in the morning before shopping the other day and then went back that night until about nine as well as to the airport on the way home to pick up horse semen.

Linda said...

Hi Caroline, I have tagged you!


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