Monday, November 3, 2008


Thanks Linda & flmom

Linda from Remote Treechanger & flmom from The Narrow Path have both sent me this lovely award. Thankyou so much for your time with helping newbie bloggers like me, you are both most patient.

The people I am forwarding it to are:-

Tilly from Tilly Tatas

Homespun Living

Gill @ That British Women

Colorado Lady

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage

Lesley from Notes from my Days

The Linen Cupboard

The Vintage Rose

Please come by & collect your awards ladies and forward onto your favs.



Tracie said...

I just had to tell you that I loved opening your blog to Brad Paisley, nice song. I will have to find that one on itunes I don't have it in my collection.

Have a great day


Caroline said...

Thanks tracie. Glad you liked it.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Hi Caroline - thanks so much for my award - you have been a popular lady havent you:-)
i liked that song on your blog as well !
Lesley x

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Caroline, How do I pick up my award? Can I put a picture of it on my blog? BTW I am watching an old American Pioneer movie on Channel at the moment. I've seen it before but I can't remember its name.

homespun living said...

Thank you Caroline!

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

Caroline thank you so much for the award!!!


Yogihan said...

Thanks for the award Caroline!
PS: I love the post you did for your gran's 85th birthday. Oh, and the music on your blog! But I might have mentioned that before!

Tilly said...

Thank you so much Caroline! I will do a post soon. I love dropping by to see how you are all doing. I hope your gran had a lovely day, I miss my grandma very much. And I so wish we had bananas in the garden - I ran out this morning!


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