Monday, November 17, 2008


I am so glad we have members tickets & our own table in the marquee so we didn't have
to fight our way through the crowds pictured below!!

On Friday we ventured out to Roma for the Roma Cup Races. We love getting out to Roma the kids have a fantastic time catching up with the kids they grew up with. (My kids were all born out there - country kids through & through)
We had a very long roundabout trip out there as we had to pick Casey up from the Army Base in Brisbane, then struggled through Brisbane's Friday afternoon peak hour traffic. We didn't end up getting there till after 10pm. It was fantastic that Casey had leave & was able to join us he joked with us that if he couldn't he was going to go AWOL(Absent without Leave) There was so much traffic all the way to Roma lots of young people going out there for the w/e. It was such a worry as they were all overtaking us hanging out of car windows & drinking. It's a nightmare waiting to happen thank goodness we didn't come across one further up the road wrapped around a tree. I worry about the young drivers so much, alot of them are also very inexperienced at driving on country roads at night.

We had a marquee table in the guest area at the races which was very nice as we had all drinks & food supplied as well as access to our own Bookmakers, Bar, T.V's & the most important cleaner toilets without line-ups.LOL!!

We had a wonderful table of about 14 people all us friends ranging from the young, those that think we are young and should no better, right up to Pop whose near 80. Everyone had a fantastic time. Two of my fave friends reached the semi-finals of the Fashions of the fields which was good fun as they had only entered as it was a "Pink Ribbon Fundraiser" for Breast Cancer.

A really great week end was had by everbody, being able to catch up with everyone was fantastic we can't wait to do it all again soon, come christmas.

Hope your weekend was special too!!


The Old Dairy said...

You all look so glam, glad you had a lovely week end. I made my daughter go out in the afternoon for the reason of so many idiots on the road.It was the first time my girls have ever been to the races. They did enjoy getting all glamed up though.

MelMel said...

What a super weekend!
Everyone looks very well tirned out and the girls look pretty!

Glad you had fun!xxxx

The Vintage Rose said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend, great to catch upwith family and friends!

Unknown said...

Great photo's Thanks for sharing...You All looked Pretty Snassy.

flmom said...

Great pics!!!

That's very interesting about the pelicans there. You mentioned them congregating in the Outback to breed ... do they factor into Aboriginal culture in any way? I'm currently working on writing my own history units that will take us the next 3 school years and I'll be covering the Aboriginal culture as part of it.

You asked how close to the beach we are. My small town lies along the lagoon, which ties into the Atlantic Ocean south of us. We are just a couple of miles inland from the ocean.

flmom said...

My email makes a lot of people wonder just what you did. At the time I signed up for the email we had 3 Australian Shepherds (called Aussies for short). Two of them passed away in the time since Aug. 2007 so we only have one now.

Gill - That British Woman said...

everyone looked lovely.........

Gill in Canada


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