Sunday, November 2, 2008


I received this blog award from Tania at Outback. My heart felt sympathy to Tania and her friend & family who tragically lost a family member. May you all have the strength you need to continue through this devastating time I shall be praying for you. With much love sent your way.

The six people I am sending it on to are:-

Daisymum at Notes from Daisy Mountain

Mandy at the Old Dairy

Rhonda at Down--- to--- Earth

Linda at Remote Treechanger
Carolyn - Anonymous

flmom at The Narrow Path

Ladies this is because you all have the hottest blogs, come collect your award and forward it onto 6 others.

Have a great evening with your loved ones


1 comment:

flmom said...

You're very sweet! Thank you for this wonderful award. I'll get it posted soon. :o)


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