Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am angry.......

AND for those of you that know me personally you will know it takes a lot to make me angry. I caught up with somebody that I hadn't seen for many years & you know how the conversation goes -What you up to these days??? Where are you living??? What are the kids doing??? Well that is when the problem started. I happened to mention my son had joined the defence force.

Well didn't that open a mine field.

(This is what they said & what I WISHED I had of said but didn't)

It went like this-

I never knew you supported war......Like hello I DON'T!!!

I can't imagine why any mother would want their child to join the defences......

Ever thought my son might just be a well balanced, hard working young adult that can actually accept discipline.

(& can I please mention here that you just told me your son is on the dole and you regularly get told by him to Get F***** )Please bare in mind I trust my son to make his own career choices.

While I realize that the defences isn't for everybody. It is just as well somebodies sons/daughters do it or I guess Australia would be without an Army.

Oh and buy the way have you ever stopped to wonder why you and your friends are able to wave your no-war placards and not be shot down in the street, like you would be in some countries.

Lastly before you go to sleep tonight maybe you should think about- If Australia ever does become under threat. Would you and your family want to be protected by The Australian Defence Force or would you very kindly say thanks but no thanks I do not need your protection.

Please remember I haven't yet got Alzheimer's and I remember a time when you were caught in a natural disaster. My last question did you accept their help then????

Well I hope you at least said thank you.

I know you will never read this post and I probably wouldn't want you to anyway, but hey it sure made me feel better by writing it.

If you have got this far in the post of listening to my rant "sorry" but I have had this reaction before and I am tired of it. Please take the time to watch the video below even though it is on American soldiers it is quite applicable to our Aussie soldiers.

You will have to pause my playlist.


Linda said...

The video was very good. I have been contemplating these sorts of things a lot, so glad for people like the CFA volunteers for example. Men like my husband who doesn't mind crawling under our house in confined places and digging it out so we can have ventilation and no more wet walls.

Being a baby boomer I have no idea how to deal with the kids when they show lack of patience for example. I am a little bit soft. I did feel proud that my son is one of the few people in his group who doesn't still live with his parents. However, where my second son is concerned I think I am being very soft. Next year though, I expect more. I guess we had children and responsibilities from around age 20 and know that that age is heaps easier than doing it much older. I look at my 15 year old and know in a couple of years she will be capable of lots of adult things. It is truly amazing. Same goes for the age she is now I suppose.

I can relate to the sleep one. So many complain of that. I have felt much better since I have to turn on the light to see the clock. I don't worry about it anymore.

Tania said...

That is terrible, what is wrong with some people?

Our defense forces do a wonderful job. I would be extremely proud if my son or daughter joined as I bet you are.

You are right to be angry. I would be too.

(arrived home today, will do a post tomorrow, but everything is okay with dad at the moment)

Lisha said...

I am smiling, not because I find this post funny, I'm smiling because I am grateful to all who serve and protect this wonderful country of ours, past and present. I'm smiling because I love what you have written and I agree with it.

It is a shame that some people don't think before they speak, if they don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. I don't like war or conflict either.

You know your son and the good choices he has made in his life, he is worth thinking about more than someone who is a little ignorant. I am grateful to your son for serving where there is a need. Thanks for sharing your "vent" with us.

(ps. I once had a desire to join the army in my younger years)

Willow said...

Just popping over to say Hi to you too, Caroline!

I can certainly see why you were so angry about this person's comments. My OH was in the military for 20 yrs, so I know all about the prejudice they face from certain sections of society. These people may think differently if/when (& I hope it's never) a terrorist attack occurs, which affects them or their loved ones.

You are rightly proud of your son, who is making a good career for himself and serving his country.

Willow xx

MelMel said...

I've had meet ups with old friends and its weird how they judge you/pass comment based on limited knowledge, like they really do not know you....its very odd!

You know your boy best....:>))
He is doing a wonderful job, that should pay more, two of my exNanny children have just joined the was upsetting but they will get careers out of it and its better than sticking at a job with no prospects!
Brave men....xxxxxx

Ruthie said...

How thankful we are that our sons (and daughters) join the military to keep our countries free and safe! You have a
right to be proud of your son!!

Unknown said...

Rant away - you know she only said that because her son is on the dole adn not gainfully employed and disciplined hey?

last Saturday work day todayYAY

Can see early Saturday morning breakfast meeting in W or D really soon.



Joolz said...

Hello Caroline

You have every right to be angry and upset. What an insult to what your son does for an honest living and for his country.

Parents don't want to see their children going off to war but what if they didn't? Where would we be then? Your son is a very brave man and lucky to have a proud and supporting mother and family behind him.

Our forces are silently patrolling our good country, ever in the background, doing the job they are trained for. To be criticised for that is unbelievable.

You could equate it to a paramedic - this stupid 'friend' of yours has an accident and a paramedic arrives and says -"I've been trained to save your life but you think it's a worthless occupation - so do I save you or not? Would that person want the paramedics help? I think yes!

K18's friend, Jillian, has joined the Navy for her gap year. She is not sure if she will continue with it, but if she does she will have a strong career ahead of her. If not she will have gained an insight into what the defence forces do for this country. The defence forces offer these traineeships to our young people -it's a pity more dole bludgers aren't sent off to see if this vocation could be for them. It might make something of them and get them off our streets.

Give your son a pat on the back from me when you next see him.

...end of rant, over and out! :)

- Joolz

Hill upon Hill said...

Wow, what a sad world we live in on many levels.

Pity your friend can't see that video.

Teena said...

Don't listen to her. Be the proud Mum that you are!

The Vintage Rose said...

Be angry! and proud of your son and his willingness to continue the fight for our freedom! May he be blessed and protected and if he should have to sacrifice his life in the line of duty some day, may we honour him and rally round those left behind to mourn!

Jackie said...

People like that are so ignorant. I was in the army for 4 1/2 years and believe it or not I was against war too. I came across people like that. Fortunately those people are in the minority, just look at the crowds that attend Anzac Day. Your son has chosen a great career. Good luck to him.

Lucy said...

I agree with you and am very proud of your son for serving his country and making a difference. My husband served in Vietnam and yes we are the first to tell you of the prejudice and ignorance that so many people show towards a serving or ex serving soldier. We as a family are extreamly proud of my husband for the service he gave to his country even though it was detramental to his health.
I saw a wonderful car sitcker a while ago and would like to share it with you.
Throw this in the face of your ignorant friend and see what she has to say then. Some people are just too stupid. Now you've got me ranting.
All the best to you and your soldier son. He is a hero.

Yogihan said...

You have every right to be angry Caroline! How unfair of them to be so judgemental without understanding the full picture. If nobody was prepared to join the armed forces Australia certainly would be in big trouble.
Your son is brave, it's no easy task being in the armed forces and you have the right to feel proud of him!

The Old Dairy said...

May be you'll be lucky and not see this person again for a longer time.
You have done a remarkable job with your son and have every right to be proud of him and the fact that he serves his country, not sitting around and taking from it......

Cassie said...

Caroline,That rude woman can thank a soldier that she has the freedom to make such asinine remarks. My son is with the Sheriff's Dept. & after 9-11 he went to join the Army. They rejected him because he has had cancer, but I was proud of his desire to serve. Your son has his head on straight and obviously realizes that freedom isn't free. God bless him & the rest of our service men & women. ps-I've made your egg pie several times now & it works like a charm at 375degrees!


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