Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emeralds 18th @ The Deadwood Saloon Part 1

A couple of week-ends ago we held Emerald's 18th Birthday.
Now because she didn't want the whole big party thing happening like her brother had where we had over 100 people(insert big sigh of relief here from me ;-) we had to decide on something VERY different to do.

Saloon girl Sally Starr (Emerald)
with Banker Bob (Lane)

Then it just so happened I was having a delicious lunch with my new daughter-in-law at our local Bed,Breakfast & Coffee shop when we saw the blackboard up saying they were holding Murder Mystery Nights.
Well my heart did a little flutter & I just knew this is what we would be doing come the second week in October.

Oh my gosh that's ME!-Henrietta High Stakes(hope you all dig my wig)
with just one of my girls-Sally Starr(dd)

It all worked out great as we were told it was perfect with just a small number 25-35 so this fitted in well with Emerald's wishes of just a small gathering.
Included in the murder mystery night was a 2 course meal.(Fantastic for me no work to do catering)
We had a lovely mix of family, close family friends & only the bestest & closest of Emeralds mates, a great bunch with some travelling 950km's just to join us on her special day.

Whose this trio???
None other than- My make believe LOL! husband Harry High Stakes
with a Lady from the east Elizabeth Money(much more dignified than us Saloon girls but I'm still digging the wig)
along with Mitch Maverick.

I was so excited & impressed leading up to the big day that everbody was putting so much effort into dressing up to play their character. All the information was sent to them along with their invite & an informal script straight from the venue. (no fuss or work for me here either)

Playing dress-ups is still so much fun when your older

After wards we all ventured home to have Emeralds Birthday cake with nibbles & a few drinks.

T'was a great night

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bathing Dogs

Dogs that decide to roll in disgusting things then enter houses
to sleep on lounges must agree to baths WETHER they like to
be bathed or not!!

AND that means you Chloe....

Hope your having a lovely weekend(without any stinky dogs to wash)
Caroline xoxo

Ps-she does look oh so cute though. Dont ya think??

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making things with old horseshoes

We have a LOT of old horseshoes lying around so
The Blacksmith & The Soldier Boy got put to work in the shed to make me a new boot pull. So quick & easy for them to make, with virtually nil cost as the shoes are of course being recycled.

Soldier Boy made one to take home to his place then we had a friend visit the next day that took a liking to mine that I had put by the front door so he then took that home to his place & before you know it I am once again without a boot pull.

I think the boys will have to venture down to the shed again to make some more as we now have a couple of orders for them as well.

Meanwhile back at the house little old me has been searching the Internet & found many nice things that I would like made out of old shoes including one VERY large outdoor table.

But alas it's the time it takes dear always the time.....

Have a great day all
Caroline xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Weather

It's been funny weather around here of late
you can awake to blue skies then an hour later this arrives
only to be followed up by blue skies again.

They say we are to have a bad storm season this summer but honestly don't they tell
us that every spring. The best advice they could possibly give is just to be prepared
but please please powers of the universe hold the flooding this year!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Simone

Happy 21st Birthday to you,
to a sweet girl that I've known as long as my own children.
(from the day of your hasty arrival in an Ambulance)

I hope you had a fantastic day.

Love from us all


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