Thursday, December 11, 2008


OOOH I am so so lucky!!

Look at what one of my bestest bestest mates has given me.

He has helped me so much over the years doing man jobs around my house. Teaching my boys to be able to do man jobs. Teaching me how to do the man jobs.

Supporting me in my efforts to bring my children up to be good decent citizens on my own. Supporting me when I ring him up crying ready to give up!!

Coming to visit & having to make his own tea.

Mowing my lawn (well sometimes)

Chasing away unwelcome men then having a drink & a laugh after.

Parking my car at the shopping centre car park then having it stolen. (oops maybe I shouldn't put that one.)

Thank you for being such a dear friend to me, you know I simply love gerberas.

Thank you for being one of my dear male friends that have become father figures to my children after L passed away.


MelMel said...

Thats wonderful to have such a dear friend!xxx

I'm so sorry about sad for youxxx

Unknown said...

Do his attributes include taking you to meet an axe murderer??


Caroline said...

Oh yes for protection of course!!

Caroline said...

Oh yes for protection of course!!

Tania said...

How sweet Caroline, you are indeed lucky to have such a good friend.


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. I know I need to learn a few more jobs, that I used to do but don't anymore.

The one everyone here hopes I learn is to put LPG in my car.

Teena said...

Awww they are puuurty! Im not brave enough to have a male friend. Once bitten twice shy. My boys get the "Blokey" stuff from my Dad, a beautiful man. Much better to learn from than the other parent!

Willow said...

It was so heartwarming to read about your friend, he sounds very special - Lovely bright, happy flowers!
Willow x

Unknown said...

Your Flowers are Beautiful..What a Thoughtful Man....

The Vintage Rose said...

Gerberas are so bright and cheerful! Probably my favourite store bought flower, [my first love is homegrown roses].
You are blessed to have a male friend who is kind, thoughtful and helpful!

flmom said...

You are awesomely blessed to have such a friend!

I always find myself drawn to ther gerberas when I visit the nursery section of stores here. :o)


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