Friday, February 20, 2009


This is our recipe for Savoury Impossible Pie. It's one of those things I can make when I haven't begun to think about dinner till 5.30pm. When the kids were little they used to call it pizza pie as they never knew what would be in it(whatever is in the fridge) and what colours would be in it.

5mins prep, 45mins in the oven, toss a salad together & you have a nice,easy,quick dinner.


4 Eggs

2 Tablespoons Melted Butter

1 1/2 Cups milk or 1/2 milk 1/2 Cream

1/2 Cup Self raising Flour

1 Chopped Onion

Grated Cheese

Sliced Tomato

Salt & Pepper

YOUR SELECTION - Bacon or sml tin Salmon, Asparagus, Sliced Mushrooms, Capsicum, Shopped Silverbeet, Corn, Grated Zucchini. Whatever you like.

Pre-heat oven to 180c and grease a pie dish. Into a mixing bowl add the lightly beaten eggs, butter, milk and/or cream, flour, onion, salt & pepper -Combine. Then add you selection of ingredients & mix through well.

Pour into the prepared dish, sprinkle with cheese & top with sliced tomato. Cook for approx 45Min's.

Some of our fave combo's are-Salmon & Asparagus, Bacon & Corn, Silverbeet,Feta,mushroom & capsicum(vege) the list is only limited by your imagination or what's in your fridge/pantry.


Unknown said...


Donna said...

This looks Wonderful sweetie!! I Love these things!!
Happy sleep to you!hughugs

Shelley said...

Yummy! I like all the ingredients you have in this dish!

Linda said...

I'm trying to get a feel if it would feed 6 people, I think it would as this one has less in it.

Cassie said...

C ~ I just popped my pie in the oven. Used spinach and some salmon (on Pat's side--I don't like salmon). I put it at 350 F. Now I'm going to google conversion chart to see if that's 180!! Thanks. I'll let you know how it turns out. Blessings, Cassie

Cassie said...

Okay, 180c = 356f. 45min. wasn't enough time here in Phx, but I may have screwed it up by covering the top with tomatoes. The inside was still kind of watery. So, it's in the oven for another 15 min. and I'll check again. Since there is no 356f setting the 350 might be a tad low...I should have maybe gone up to 375f. Well, tomorrow is another day!

Caroline said...

Now I am a thinking Cassie, cause as you can see how golden brown the top of my pie gets in just 45mins. Was yours as golden brown if it was maybe it was cooked enough but just maybe had a lot of liqiud from the spiniach(as spinach is very watery or liquid from the salmon. If it was canned salmon did you drain it well also i never layer the top with tomatoes The eggs I use are 60g eggs(x-tra lge)
Please try again as it really is quick & yummy & besides I am devastated now as this is my no-fail quick dinner.LOL Tell me how you go!!

Cassie said...

Update!! I ended up giving it an extra 25 minutes (so 1hr 10min total) and it was DELISHIOUS!! It actually took that long for the top to get toasty brown and the inside firmed up nicely. Every ones stove is different too, but I concure that the fresh spinach probably was the culprit. The salmon was "fresh" (farm). My husband thought it was really good too. (BTW,I added some green onions to the mix too.) Now I will copy this recipe to my notebook and chg. the oven time. THANK YOU for the recipe. Sorry I have been such a baby about this. I'm not noted for being a very good cook
:>( My hubby will eat anything!!

Caroline said...

Well I am so relieved that it turned out okay, not a good cook?? bet your just saying that!!well you will find this easy now anyway.
Obviousley just needed a little more time tht's all no probs.
I am just thrilled to bits you actually tried it and let me know about it.

Kate said...

Just made this and added some sauteed leek and crumbled blue cheese - yum! Mine took about 45 mins to get all nice and golden. Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

looked for ages for a recipe for impossible pie and found yours. made it tonite with mushrooms, spinach, shallots and fetta. really really nice, my husband who doesnt comment much on dinner said he really liked it and would def have it again! thanks! even kept a bit for lunch tomorrow! :)

Loz from Oz said...

Yum! Just made this today. I have a very fussy kid and she came back for seconds. WINNER,!

Sharon Priestley said...

Made a spinach version of this tonight for my Wife who is vegetarian. She is usually quite fussy, but she ate half of this saying that she would like me to make this again. Very easy to make.

Bev said...

The best recipe I have used for impossible pie - there really was a crust at the bottom. Like you I just added what I could find in the fridge so ham cheese, onion and tomato. Perfect, thank you.

Denise said...

You never actually say how much of the added stuff you put in - ie, the salmon, mushroom, cheese, etc. Would you estimate a cup, 1-1/2 cups or what? Thanks so much!


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