Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrift Shopping & Reducing Disposables

In my quest to cut down on disposable consumables in my home like paper towels, serviettes etc for environmental reasons and the fact that it reduces my grocery bill. (saving money is always a good reason) I have been trawling the local thrift shops for items I may be able to put to good use.

The other day I was lucky enough to find these four vintage Western Australian Placemats 50 cents for a set of four.
They had never been used as they still had the stickers on the back of them and while I won't be using them as placemats I have found a use for them where once I used disposable paper towel.....Lining the basket I keep my potatoes in.
One on the bottom to stop any bits of soil or dust going through the basket and one on top to stop the light getting on the potatoes and sending them green!

As there are four in the set, yesterday I threw the two I was currently using in the wash & replaced it with the other two. Easy Peasy.

I am now also using knitted dish cloths instead of buying chux. (disposable dishcloths)
I actually think this is more hygienic as every morning after cleaning the kitchen I throw it in the wash to then be hung out in the beautiful sunshine-Natures disinfectant.

A roll of disposable paper towel is now lasting me AT LEAST a month and I hope to reduce this even more and I'm not buying Chux at all now. Which has been a good saving.

Have you ever tried to reduce your disposable consumables??
If so HOW?
I know this is not a new thing to alot of you, so please leave me some tips.

Caroline xoxo


Simcha said...

Good idea. You can grow luffahs :) and use them for washing the dishes(they work really well). They are environmentally friendly and can be composted when past thier best. People here use thier old cast off clothing and cut up to use for dishes and for general cleaning cloths, net curtains work well for dishes. I use my old ratty towels cut up for floor spills.

Donna said...

What a great idea! Paper toweling is getting So expensive! I've been meaning to hit the thrife store but too much going on lately here at work. I'm making it a point to GO!!
The economy is only going to get worse....Thanks for these types of hints Girl!!


Hi Caroline, Thank you for visiting me. I have some tips on being eco friendly and saving$$ (under "nifty ideas")should you wish to check it out.
P.S. Those placemats are adorable.

Caroline said...

Ah! Simcha you gave me a lightbulb moment, I haven't grown Loofahs in years. I remember when you used to grow them for your soap business. Yep, I always use all my old rags if they're no good for the thrift shop I always use them for cleaning. Old singlets are just the best aren't they.

Caroline said...

Thanks Marco Pasha I shall be around for a visit to check out your hints.

Donna, I think things are getting tighter here to. The other day I went to a major shopping centre to get some things for my sons wedding and shop after shop were just bare of customers.

The Old Dairy said...

Hi,I have been using rags instead of paper and dish cloths for awhile now, and you can see a differance at the check out...I am now tring not to get cling wrap, this is a harder one for the family to break as it is so much easier...

Tania said...

Only thing left for me to dispose of is paper towels. I have got into the habit of using them and now I cant seem to stop.

People use rags, but I use them after cooking to soak up excess oil from food before serving. Have to find an idea what did my grandmother use or do? Probably ate the fat!

Those are gorgeous place mats and a real bargain too!

Op shops are good for things like that. I have the bug at the moment. Got some more goodies today that I will post about later.


Jenn said...

Just browsing a few randoms this morning..... Never even thought of lining the potato basket, great idea! Also, what advice would you give to growing loofah? I transplanted a few this year, but none of them have survived.

Simcha said...

@Jenn I used to grow them for myself and also for sale, mine grew very well and climbed everywhere. I was told never to let it dry out as they like damp feet. That is all I did and they were great


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