Monday, December 1, 2008


It never rains around here it just pours!!! If it wasn't enough that we were all sick last week, DS was in a car accident on Friday night.

DS had leave from the army to attend his friends wedding on the weekend. I was to pick him up from the station about 1/2 hr away. On the way home he rang me and told me not to worry about coming down to pick him up as one of his friends would be finishing work and would come by the station and pick him up.

About 7.00 I got the call my son had been in a car accident. The call no mother ever ever wants. They had decided to travel home along the back roads to avoid the highway. Good thinking in theory. Our stretch of highway has one of the highest fatalities rates in QLD. However the back road is very narrow & winds this way & that. Being a young driver and lacking judgement young T took the road to fast as it twists & turns down into a creek. T missed the curve went straight over the culvert and into the drink. Creek is running quite well at the moment with all the recent rains so the car begins to wash away and sink. T gets out of his side which is higher while DS has to crawl & swim out. Some of his army training has taught him to get out of helicopter cockpits blindfolded while under the water I am thankful for his training but not thankful for the glee in which he told me he got to put it into practice in a real life panic situation.(sick child!! telling mother that) My hair has gone so much greyer since DS finished high school.

Thank God, bless him, the boys are okay, the car is not & me well, I'm getting there it makes you reflect on how precious life is and you never ever know when you will get a life changing phone call. So many young people are killed on Australian roads they do not have the judgement of us more experienced drivers. T was not hooning, drinking or the like they were just travelling home from their jobs however he was going to fast on a bad stretch of road. T has learnt a valuable lesson. T rang DS the next day & said if looks could kill it was written all over your Mum's face. I didn't know it was so obvious but he said to DS, "At that moment I knew I could have killed us both" (lesson learnt)DS had to retrieve all of his belongings out of the car when it was salvaged his new laptop has had it along with his mobile & some important army papers. Friday night was spent trying to clean his now wet muddy clothes for the wedding. Nothing matters I got to hug & kiss my DS on Friday night, life is precious & I think maybe he hugged me just that little bit tighter too!! Oh and did I tell you my hair is greyer.


It's funny when DS was in grade 7 he had the biggest childhood crush on this girl he has remained friends with her all through high school she met M when she was about 14, DS then befriended M and they used to Rodeo together. D & M got married on Saturday we all wish them every happiness they are so young yet so sensible and mature they work so hard for their future & have already bought themselves a home. The funny things you remember one day DS was at D & M 's place DS was mucking around, M is very sensible & mature, M gave DS a fat lip & told him to grow up I had been ranting at DS for ages over that but DS listened to M fat lip & all. Peer pressure can sometimes be a good thing.

Days like this make you sit up take notice and be active in your life & the life of loved ones. Don't forget to hug & kiss them & never let them walk out the door without telling them you love them.

Lastly thank you so much for all your kind comments while I have been sick.

I'm off to buy some much needed hair dye. Did I tell you my hair is greyer!!



flmom said...

I am terribly behind on blog reading due to our Thanksgiving holidays and am now catching up. I'm so sorry to hear you've all been sick and I'm thrilled to hear your son and his friend are okay! How scary for you and them.

BevB said...

I am glad to read that your son and friend are both ok. So sorry to hear about the grey hair. Kids, who'd have 'em! ;-)


Unknown said...

Oh Caroline you poor thing I really know how you feel sitting in the oncology ward whewre they have dasiyson20 waiting four hours for the doctor to arrive you imagine all sorts of things, thankfully after todays operation he will be fine but it doens't stop you thinking don't tell me I've gotten this far only to lose him now. I keep thining of tania (outback) and her friends daughter.

Anytime tou are over the hill this way callme and we can have a commiserating coffee.

love and hugs


The Vintage Rose said...

Welcome back to blogland, I am so glad DS & T are Ok and that DS had the training to be able to get out of a life-threatening situation. Life is indeed precious!
May you have the energy to catch up on things and the wisdom to know which things can wait or don't really matter. Have a Tealightful Day!

Unknown said...

oh Caroline you Poor Thing...Glad to hear DS & T are OK...Thankfully they were able to get out...did you get your hair dye...think I would need some too if I were You.

Teena said...

Gosh me! What a horrible thing to happen. That is the reason i dye my hair Dark Brown ALOT. just because im blonde naturally doesnt mean the grey doesnt show!
Sending love and hug vibes your way.

Willow said...

Oh, I'm so glad your son and his friend were ok ... and thank God for Army training!! I did exactly as you said this morning, and gave my kids an extra hug and told them I loved them as they left for school.

I hope you're ok too!
Willow x

Yogihan said...

How horrible for you to have had to receive that phonecall, but I am happy that they are both fine, and a lesson has been learnt. It must have been pretty scary! And yes, a good reminder to us all not to take our time for granted with each other. Great post!

The Old Dairy said...

Caroline you have had a run of things.
I am glad that DS & T are O.K. So glad he had the army traing, having an older son I can see that he would get a sick enjoyment from real life prac like that....Boys...
My advice to you always have hair dye in stock LOL....

Joolz said...

Glad all is well. It is a frightening time when they become 'adults' and think they are invincible. My eldest just turned 18 and is already talking of heading off the Adelaide, 400 kms away for a weekend with the girls! AAAgh! What colour hair dye did you say you were buying?

Cheers - Joolz


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