Monday, November 24, 2008


My day usually starts with the essential cup of tea, love my early morning cuppa & I really treasure & enjoy this time of the morning a chance to sit and contemplate my day before the house awakens and it's all systems go.

Then it is off to the kitchen to make my brekkie taking my brekkie downstairs to the office I fire up the computer to check my emails.While I'm waiting for the computer to start, do it's virus update etc etc I load the washing machine which lucky for me, the laundry is right next door to the office.

Office work completed (and far to long reading blogs) I then get to escape to my garden for a little, not that I did anything much just meandered, pulled the odd weed checked some pots and watered the cuttings I had potted up on the weekend. Then it was off down the back. My darling dogs never go to the toilet in the house yard so every morning they get let down the paddock to do their thing. Absolutely fine by me but probably to much info for you. While we are down there we take the chooks the scraps from yesterday,& check their grain and fresh water. At the moment they are having their water with apple cider vinegar all my animals have 3Dy's a mth on this except my horses that have it daily.

Oh quick yet again I spent to much time down the back, oh well my old log seat really does beckon. It's even worse if I happen to go down there with a book. Back to the yard. Washing is finished, hung out. DD is up & getting ready she prefers to make her own lunch so mum checks it's O.K- yep got the last of the Brownies DS will not be pleased. yummy!! even if we did manage to burn the edge(got distracted in the garden again)

Got DS up he is having a treat of tuckshop today.DD leaves for school bus that travels to the next town.It's now 6.45 get what house work, cooking etc I can get done now as I have to work today only me & DS left now so we enjoy some quiet time together before all to soon we have to go & drop him at his school. That done back track all the way almost pass my house again only bypassing it by 50m and off in the other direction to work. Some mornings would love to take the 50m detour back to my house for the day and just potter around but I guess trillions of other working mums think that to.


Teena said...

I forgot what i posted so will post this instead.

Hello! Mmmwah xoxox

Gill - That British Woman said...

you are a busy bee........

Gill in Canada


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