Friday, December 12, 2008


I used to play this game with my children to try and increase their vocabulary. I don't know if it worked though?? I was reading the other day that most people use a very limited word base, usually the words they were accustom to using in childhood.

I would pick a word out of the dictionary and they would have to tell me the meaning of the word. Later they would look it up in the dictionary hence increasing their skill here too.

So here we go- I thought I would post a word and without looking in a dictionary I thought readers could leave me what they think the meaning is in a comment. Remember no dictionary peeking.




Lisha said...

Thanks for your comment Caroline, yes I lurk you too! Numinous huh! How about "glowing numbers", derived from luminous and numerous?? I actually haven't a clue. Can I peek at the dictionary now?

Unknown said...

I know that it is the answer you give to the taxi driver after the office christmas party when they ask you how many drinks you had.


Teena said...

LMAO!!!! Good on u Daisymum! Havent got a clue....Cabbages only have a thick heart so hence case a thick head!

Teena said...

I just googled it!It was driving me INSANE!!!! Wow, well there you go, its an adjective derived from numen. And I didnt even know what Numen was either so a big eye opener! The things you learn on a blog!

Caroline said...

No No you naughty little cabbage we must not tell the people yet!!

The Old Dairy said...

Has to be something with numbers. O.K i admit I never listened in school I can't even spell right with the spell check for goodness sake never mind using fancy words.
What about........I 'm sorry I have to go for the dictionarey..

Linda said...

My husband has a good vocab, I will try it out on him.

Linda said...

No luck there.

If luminous means light in the dark,
numinous means numbers where there are none?

Or luminious means shines by itself hubby says, so...

how can numbers do something by themselves???

Don't know.

Something out of nothing?

Caroline said...

Check out my blog I've posted the word answer.

The Vintage Rose said...

CAROLINE, I couldn't wait to tell you that you won the prize on my blog!


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