Monday, November 10, 2008


I Know you probably all find this quite a funny photo to put on my blog- well it is only a set of stairs isn't it. Well I do love my little old house. Tonight I was sorting through old photos on my computer when I came across this beauty now please don't ask me why I took it cause I can't even remember but judging by the how clean the floor looked it was probably in celebration of the fact that it finally got a mop & we didn't all have to walk on crunchies (That's what my family calls it when the floor feels yuk & sticky with bare feet)More often then I'm going to admit on this blog.

Anyway these are the five steps that take our family to slumber land each night. All the bedrooms are up these five steps totally separate from our living area, which can be a good thing when you have visitors at 4 in the Arvy and you still haven't made the bed yet. So far this post sounds totally exhilarating doesn't it, what with unmade beds & crunchies on the floor ho hum that's life (at our house) At the top of the stairs you can just see our cow hide mat.

So sometimes when there is a power blackout I really can believe I lived a hundred years ago as I pick up my candle complete in brass holder and say I'm going up stairs to bed!! Okay I'll rephrase that it sounds too romantic & old world. How about this - Kids if you don't get upstairs to bed now I'm going to..................

Thanks for visiting anyway I'm going up to bed- CAROLINE xxoo


flmom said...

Trust me ... you're not the only one with crunchies on the floor and unmade beds! Your flooring is very pretty.

Unknown said...

Floors are meant to be crunchy aren't they??

As for beds the only one that is ever made in this house is mine and that is only becasue clients use our room to change into their pants so I can pin the hems!!

I love posts that seem about "nothing" because they aren't - they reflect you - and where your head is when you write it - in this case tired and crunchy!!!LOL


Caroline said...

Thanks daisymum you always manage to make it real & make me feel better at the same time.

Guess I'm really just another Crunchy Nut.LOL I love those cornflakes!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

going upstairs to bed is my favourite time of day whether its crunchy or not :-D

Hill upon Hill said...

I also think that is nice. It has a real 'hideaway' feel about it.


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