Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay guys you know the rules (There are none right?? fun stuff never has rules!!)

Today's word is


See if you know the meaning of this one??

Remember the object of the game is -

We are rewriting the English dictionary so the funnier the meaning you can come up with the better!!

Looking forward to lots of new words in my comments.

Have a great day



MelMel said...

I call my Hub's this in fun...LOL...he loves

flmom said...

Sounds like some kind of gem or mineral ... like hematite, morganite, and all those.

Now I'm off to see what it really means..........

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have never heard of this now I'll have to google it!!! You are making me think, that's not fair!!

I am mentioning your blog in a post this coming Friday on my blog.

Gill in Canada

Lisha said...

I'm with flmom I think it's some kind of rock or mineral ..... or ...... it's a golden coloured Pokemon with sparkle powers, (I had my son's help with this one)

Lisha said...

I have another idea, it's some kind of social class or family group that do something that makes them stand out from other family groups. What makes them stand out I have no idea but after thinking about it, it sounds familiar. If you get what I mean??

Caroline said...

Yeh Lisha
Our thoughts were with yours we thought maybe someone connected to Gargarmal the wizard out of the smurfs.
Must be just having kids our thoughts turn to cartoons.

Linda said...

My husband had an idea about this one, he thinks it means antichange.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

LOL ~ I think it is one of those guys you dated in your youth that you wish you hadn't!

Such fun!



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