Thursday, October 30, 2008


Geraniums just for you Gran because I can never see them without thinking of you!!

My Darling Granny has just turned 85 so I dug out the photos. The photo above is of her and my Grandfather who passed away in 1993.

The first thing my daughter (Gran's Great Granddaughter) said to me when she saw this photo was look at her legs there fantastic I had never taken any notice but now I look yeah they were pretty good for a 62y.o . I'm just wondering if it could possibly be hereditary.LOL!!

For one year I lived at my Grandparents farm during that year they used to drive me to school in the Rolls Royce & yes I used to find it very embarrassing. Try fitting in at a new school with a heap of pubescent girls when all the other girls are dropped off in farm utes & your in the Rolls.

Yes Gran I know you went through The Great Depression and rightly so you should have both been proud for what you achieved but the bloody rolls nearly gave me a great depression!!LOL

Anyway here you are again picture perfect at 65 with your darling dalamation "Shadow" but hey what's with the cat gran, your not a cat lover and anyway it looks like it wants to get down and scram.

Here you are at 70 with your 2nd Great Grandchild & 1st Great Granddaughter my darling Emerald aged 3mths. Funny I still remember after 15yrs how bad her wind was that day thanks for burping her and I don't think I ever did apologize for the mess on your good Sunday dress.

Oh dear 80 came around quick but remember how proud you were this day pictured with your 1st Great Grandchild & 1st Great Grandson my darling Casey. He was 13 & had just become an Australian Army Cadet. Time gets away doesn't it Gran, now he's a real soldier in the Australian Army and so embrassed to say he was ever a cadet, but yet you are so proud of the path he has chosen I relize how important the defence forces are to you & I try to understand what you went through when so many of your friends went to war yet never returned & having to go to work at the age of 12 in a munitions factory.

What more do/ can I say to you Granny you are so much wiser than me -Oh the only other thing is I LOVE YOU XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO



Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am so so glad we got this job done. The cleaning out of our chookpen has finally been accomplished many thanks to my offsider DS. Now I can go down to the chooks without getting the guilts. It was really getting to me and I was so glad to cross it off my "To Do List"in my Household Notebook, I even bought another notebook today as my old Household
Notebook/Organizer is full. Now for the other 101 things on my list -by the way I have never ever completed a list they seem to be ongoing around here & for everything I cross off I seem to add another 1 or 2. Does this happen to others???

We keep our chooks locked up every night in their pen they used to free range constantly & just put themselves to bed each night. Enter Mr Fox- need I say more.....Then we had different neighbors move in who have chook eating dogs so now the chooks are in their pen when no one is here but they still get a fair bit of time out free ranging which is really important to me. They don't seem to mind as they have their grain and the scraps, in fact I think they get to many scraps there was so much uneaten food in the pen it was becoming a problem. A friend of mine was giving me a garbage bag of day old bakery bread every week and the chooks weren't even touching it.

I had to get a new delivery of sawdust for the stables so thought it would be a good chance to do the chook pen. Wish I had taken before shots but on second thoughts would I really want anyone to see them. The biggest job is digging the old bedding, sawdust & straw out but it makes wonderful mulch or compost with all the old chook poop mixed in. Feels good to have mission accomplished funny how doing the simple things can make your day seem worthwhile. As for poor DS he just needs a nice massage he says his muscles are dying. So now I'm guilt free about my nice clean chook hacienda but full of guilt about child slavery. Do you think an iceblock might soothe him?? At least thats only blackmail!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just thought I'd post these pictures of the storm that we had Saturday afternoon. Well really we didn't have it we saw it coming, we heard it coming, we battened down the hatches in readiness all to have about 5 spots of rain. I suppose someone somewhere got it & hopefully all they got was the rain and nothing else, as for me I guess I just got some good shots.


We had a weekend in the garden everything has just about finished now & I've had to start buying more in. Which of course I really detest doing, specially buying lettuce I really hate that. It's so expensive compared to the cost of what you can grow it for it never tastes as good & half of it usually ends up in the chook scraps as it never lasts as long. We are used to just picking a little when we need it. We do use a fair bit of lettuce though as we love salads especially coming into this time of year.
Hope you all have a great day we have visitors at the moment so I know my day shall be fantastic. Love & Hugs to you all Caroline

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Now that my DD has a part time job some afternoons/weekends she had to decide what to do with all her stash & seeing as she is my daughter she has constantly been lectured by her darling mother -aka -myself that she should spend her money wisely. Being the sporty chic that she is and due to the fact she is a poor poor child that infrequently visits any shops (Because her mum is mean and hates her wasting money on slave made clothes) she has decided very wisely (I must say)to start water skiing lessons at the ski lake. DD has ridden horses all her life & has danced & played many sports so she already has good balance & is quite fit. She had her first lesson on the bar but come second lesson she is on the rope and skiing up & down the lake.

Enter DS no. 2 who was very kindly offered a go by our wonderful world champ water skier & instructor. Well now you can very safely say that he is now hooked to. Enter next problem DS is only 11 & does not have a job like DD. So back to the drawing board on that one. At least this is a skill that he will have all his life & it is always easier to pick up new things when you are young.

It was probably more of a thrill for me as a mother to see DS be able to get up on the bar & have a ski as little miss has all the confidence in the world and knows she can do it from the word go.While the little master lacks a lot of confidence in himself & as he is high functioning Autistic lacks a lot of muscle tone so I'm hoping it helps with this to.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I was going to do a post last night. I really wanted to do a post last night. I am disappointed I didn't do a post last night. BUT............. Yesterday was just a blahhhhhhhhh!!! day. A day where nothing went smoothly, a day where the house looked like a bomb had hit it AND still does.

A day where I come home from work at 6.15pm after leaving at 8.00am to the breakfast dishes on the sink feeling guilty that I'm not the parent I aspire to be.

Thank goodness it is just that time of year for me though, I work as a Breeding Barn Manager (Horse) & of course this is the time of year when it is all a happening. Although a more rewarding job I never could have. After more or less doing this for the last 20 years I still can never get over the whole miracle of conception the growth of a pregnancy & then the most rewarding aspect the birth.
For these big noble creatures to let me share the birth of their creation is a privilege I will be forever thankful for. Yes I ride the highs & lows with them a mare losing a foal during or shortly after foaling a maiden mare rejecting her foal (yes they are just like us it scares them too sometimes) or the most most dreaded and thankfully never very often a loss of a mare.
So this is why I do what I do. Thank goodness my job allows a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to parenting. Yesterday DS was in attendance while we scanned mares he is interested to know if they have a follicle growing or if they are close to ovulation & he loves to travel the couple of hours to the airport to pick up semen that has flown in from -well wherever it's a small world now. This gives us some lovely chatting time & his special treat something from McDonald's. I am glad DS is wise to the things that many city kids do not know for many years, to him it is a normal part of life
However I am looking forward to this weekend well hopefully anyway-I got called to a foaling at 4.50am last Saturday morning a mare that has a history of trouble fairly safely delivered a little colt(little being a very accurate description veeeerrry) until then I will have to cope with my messies. Thankfully I spent all day Monday (Yippee student free day I told you my job offered good flexibility) in the garden, baked brownies with my daughter, looked at numerous Lego constructions my son had created and even managed to do a bit of housework that night. Even though I have a rotten cold at the moment, DS puppy has just had a accident in the house, there is no fuel in the car, the fridge is rapidly getting empty (Except for perishables I only shop every 2mths in bulk) AND my house will be condemned it does not matter.
Why because when I became a widow at the young age of 25 with 3 very young children I thought I could never go on. I thought I would never achieve anything in my life again but the simple fact was I had already achieved the greatest thing I would ever achieve and that was my 3 healthy happy well rounded compassionate & caring kids.
Just like those mares I handle everyday at work I will ride the highs & lows as I do with them when they foal it does not really matter what happens because in our house their is a Lotta Lotta Love.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


How fun is it to actually follow a rough bush track and at the end of it end up at a real Bush Rangers Cave. Now I can tell you if you have a 11y.o boy in the car it's like me being let loose at Willy Wonkers Factory(Self-confessed chocoholic). Lane was absolutely delighted when we pulled off the highway & told him we were heading to Captain Thunderbolts hideout.Lane had studied the history of Australian Bush Rangers at school only a few months previous.

Captain Thunderbolt was a bushranger around the New England District of N.S.W from 1864-1870. He was shot dead in 1870 by a policeman after trying to steal yet another racehorse.

This the front entrance to the cave
This is the hole in the top of the cave
Every good bush ranger knows there must be more than one entrance/exit point

Monday, October 20, 2008


Simple, Warm, Cosy, Comfortable, Happy, Bright, Lovely, Historical, Sunny, Rainy, Fragrant, Creative, Positive, Relaxing, Practical, Functional, Fresh, Calm, Energizing, Imaginative, Pleasant, Spiritual, Organized, Quiet, Noisy, Lovely, Fun,Interesting,Fascinating,Calming.

Oh I s'posse the list could go on & on but please tell me your favs & pass it on.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm proud to say my son will be the next generation of Anzacs as I am so proud of our Anzacs that have been before him. I am so proud that he loves our beautiful country so much that he is willing to defend it and all of us.
This was awarded to him a little while ago.

I'm proud to share traditions

built on the foundation of

the Anzac legend.

I'm proud to build on the heritage of service,

mateship and sacrifice of

previous generations.

I'm proud to serve the Australian people

by securing their future.

I'm proud to secure peace and

safety for the people of other

countries when they

need help.

AND to top all that off this proud Mum

couldn't put the photo straight



Friday, October 17, 2008


Oh dear I forgot to replenish our chook food supply yesterday. So it's just scraps & a good old scratch around the yard for now.At the moment we have 8 hens + the man about the house - Rodney the Rooster. Rodney is great but rather camera shy as I just tried to get a good photo of him and couldn't. Will just have to have the photo of Lane looking at me unimpressed with the empty chook feeder.

The other photo is of the big old gum tree that the chook pen is under. On one side is the pen, On the otherside is the tyre swing, this gave the children so many hours of enjoyment when they were younger was so much cheaper than a swing set and they got to climb the tree as well!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My Mulberries are nearly finished

Every year I wonder how you attract silkworms to your tree??

I find it really hard to plant things in my garden that aren't edible. It's not that I don't like other things in my garden, nor is it that I don't have other plants in my garden eg -love my Antherea Dentata border hedge, love people giving me cuttings from their garden - A living/ongoing gift. I love the plants that remind me of my childhood Ribbon Plant,Elephant Ears,Coleus,azaleas,Ferns always ferns not to mention Crepe Mrytle,Bouganvillia, & my all time favourite geraniums in terracotta pots.

The simple fact is I think sometimes I'm just far to practical to bring myself to plant something that uses the same water,soil,manure,air & space as a plant that produces something for us. Last week I planted 10 Lilly Pillys in a hedge as I need to block a certain view now I know most people grow these as ordarmentals, me I'm thinking the likes of Lilly Pilly cordial & Jam .YUM

Thats if our beautiful Birds don't get them first.(As If-LOL)

We had a storm last night. Things are starting to freshen up already just with the rain on the week-end then last nights storm.We were at football when the storm hit. The poor players were left on the field in total darkness when the power went out till someone turned the headlights on in their car.

I have never grown or tasted a
Rose Apple before so I'm just
waiting on my little tree

Our Brazillian Cherry is nearly
finished fruiting

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I oversee an organization-
Where hundreds of decisions are made daily,
Where property and resources are managed,
Where health and nutritional needs are determined,
Where finances and futures are discussed and debated,
Where projects are planned and events are arranged,
Where transportation and scheduling are critical,
Where team-building is a priority,
Where careers begin and end,
I oversee an organization-
I am a Family Manager. -Kathy Peel

I love this little verse, I am so proud to say that this little verse is about my family and so many families that I know. I have never said it was the easiest or the best paid job, but it is the job that I am most proud to say is mine and is the most rewarding job I will ever do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Another trip away to see DS who has now graduated from The School of Infantry at Singleton "Lone Pine". He is in 8/9th Battallion Royal Australian Regiment which is stationed in
Queensland. He has been very lucky to get posted to his home state. We love it as he is able to come home some weekends since arriving back. I missed him so much while he was in Wagga & Singleton. Only seeing him twice in 6mths was a rude awaking for my first child leaving home.Many teary days/nights.

Of course the other reason why I'm so glad he got QLD is it was such a drain on finances to go & visit him, even though we took as much food/drink as we could.
The kids think it's a great treat to get the cereal in those little boxes so that was good for brekky with a juice popper, Lunch was fresh bread rolls + some ham/salad whatever I picked up in the town we were going through at their local supermarket. I took plenty of fresh fruit/Biscuits & Cake of course the trusty old thermy came to. At night if our motel had a microwave I bought those frozen meat/vegie, Pasta or Spag Bog meals, as dinners are the dearest to buy. They are nothing like a home meal but they served the purpose. All in all I saved a fair bit of money doing it this way. Of course motels are never cheap specially when you need them night after night in different towns while travelling. I shopped around a lot on the internet before we left. We are so lucky the car is quite economical on fuel.
Have been meaning to publish this post for ages as we have been back for over a fortnight. While we were away we had a few hot days & the last of my cauliflowers has gone to seed, beans have finished & the whole lot needs lots of TLC. Hope you all have a lovely + productive day.

Monday, October 13, 2008


A few years ago I came across Chick Pea while visiting Farm Fest in Toowoomba. I love going to Farm Fest but can never seem to get there every year ( ho hum I love Toowoomba at anytime)Anyway I bought a few things from Chick Pea a little zip top bag I use as a make up bag and another kind of small tote which I use as a toiletrie bag which is great as it fits the whole families things in. I've fell in love with them even more this year as I have been away visiting Casey so much. Check them out I love the vintage kind of fabrics they use. I got mine in the Cowboy/Cowgirl fabric which of course is just my thing. Also really like the Cooking Kids fabric & the Cars.

Incidentally if any of you Aussie bloggers no where I can get Western/Cowboy/Cowgirl home accessories in Australia can you please leave me a comment/link. I usually buy from U.S.A but now the dollar is not as good as it was. Still get some stuff so any contacts are good I love my house being Rustic/Western decorated.
Forgot to add that even though the bags are fabric they are clear plastic covered so great for wet stuff.
Chick Pea for BABIES and CHILDREN clothes and accessories

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Let me tell you one of my eldest son's passions it puts the fear in some people I do tell. To me it is not a big deal as we have always been involved in this sport. Casey LOVES riding bulls it is his great passion. He was actually named after a world champion cowboy "Casey Tibbs" When he was doing career choices in senior he told me he might just rodeo instead. "No No" I said that is not my idea of a gap year I'd actually rather you backpack the globe. Well as you might know he joined The Australian Army as an Infantry soldier which is really not a much safer profession but probably more permanent and hey he gets a regular pay cheque each f/night. So my line a thinking is well there could be worse things my adrenaline addicted son could be doing. Oh and yes for all of you out there wondering if I hold my breath till he's clear of the bull yep!! I sure do.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Thank God for dirty dishes
They have a tale to tell
While other folks go hungry
We are eating very well
With home, health & happiness
We shouldn’t want to fuss
For by this stack of evidence
God’s very good to us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gardner Falls

"Who Me"
Did you say smile Mum?
My Gorgeous Emerald

Lane loves to have a "spa" at the bottom of the fall

We love to go to Gardner Falls, we can sit & have a picnic and then a swim & then have a picnic than a swim etc etc (get my drift) At gardner Falls the water is always cool & clear like mountain
water usually is.The waterfall flows down into a large and very deep waterhole. Casey who can swim a 25metre pool underwater can not swim down & reach the bottom. All the kids like to jump off the top of the falls into the waterhole. The downfall (pardon the pun)LOL!! is every time I have ever been to the falls I have seen a snake on the walking track that you take to get there. I'm sure they need a sign saying "Snakes Cross Here". The funny thing is they're different types of snakes each time, last time a Red Belly Black the time before a little Brown Snake.

Here goes em jumping off the rock

The falls are very dangerous after rain the actual fall becomes twice as wide and angrily pounds down into the hole below which then churns around rapidly in a whirlpool with all kinds of debris,sticks and logs. We would never ever swim there at that time but it certainly is impressive to see mother nature in full glory.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And there was Birthday Cake!!

This is to go with the blog I did for Emeralds Birthday on Saturday.As I wrote that in the morning we were yet to see the day out. So here it is, as expected she had a lovely day in the city with her big brother Casey spending all her birthday money etc etc. When she arrived home we had her yummy Birthday Cake. Then went out to dinner that night. They had even decorated the table with ballons & streamers for her.We had a fantastic week-end school hols are now over & school started back yesterday.


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