Monday, October 27, 2008


We had a weekend in the garden everything has just about finished now & I've had to start buying more in. Which of course I really detest doing, specially buying lettuce I really hate that. It's so expensive compared to the cost of what you can grow it for it never tastes as good & half of it usually ends up in the chook scraps as it never lasts as long. We are used to just picking a little when we need it. We do use a fair bit of lettuce though as we love salads especially coming into this time of year.
Hope you all have a great day we have visitors at the moment so I know my day shall be fantastic. Love & Hugs to you all Caroline


Tracie said...

Hi Caroline,
I just stumbled across your blog from Little jenny Wren. Loved visiting especially the music. I'm a diehard country fan myself and I love Tim Mcgraw's song "Live like you were dying"

Tracie xx

The Tin House said...

Hi Caroline - what lovely photos. I agree about the lettuce factor. I'm back out this morning to sow another lot of mesclun mix, and buttercrunch to keep the supply going when the current bunch wear thin.

Regarding carrots: I've always grown carrots that look spectacular, but taste dreadful. The only time I've had success was last year when I put them (in a hissy fit) to grow in an old council recycling tub with a mixture of whatever was around - from memory it was about one third potting mix, one third sand pinched from the sandpit, some soil and some compost. They tasted fine. But otherwise, my carrot growing expertise can only grow and improve!
Lisa x

The Old Dairy said...

Love the photos of your boy, he always has a cheeky grin on his face....
I know what you mean about buying the lettuce, I have been planting 1 or 2 punnets of lettuce a week to keep up..I punnet is cheaper than a lettuce!

the said...

I love fresh greens from the garden, the taste is hard to beat!!
Have a great evening,

Unknown said...

Yeah I hear ya about the lettuce. Still we have a few to pick for dinner tonight adn i am off to put more in tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Just read your comment on the old Dairy about being computer savvy I know what you mean it took me five days to work out how to download a counter thingy!!!!! I still can't embed links and stuff so I just give the addresses don't worry by this time next year we will be old hands at all this!!!!!!!


PS; not sure I should have labelled that oost like that perhpas it may be misconstrued by a search engine!!

Caroline said...

WOW!! Do you think I would be able to get a high paid IT job by next year then LOL

flmom said...

Homegrown is the best! Great photos!!!


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