Friday, October 17, 2008


Oh dear I forgot to replenish our chook food supply yesterday. So it's just scraps & a good old scratch around the yard for now.At the moment we have 8 hens + the man about the house - Rodney the Rooster. Rodney is great but rather camera shy as I just tried to get a good photo of him and couldn't. Will just have to have the photo of Lane looking at me unimpressed with the empty chook feeder.

The other photo is of the big old gum tree that the chook pen is under. On one side is the pen, On the otherside is the tyre swing, this gave the children so many hours of enjoyment when they were younger was so much cheaper than a swing set and they got to climb the tree as well!!


Hill upon Hill said...

You are up early. Lovely photos....

Unknown said...

Hi I am sure the chooks won't ind i always manage to find some interesting weeds and things to feed them when I run out of food. They LOVE nasturtiums and I grow them everywhere so I just cut handfuls of that to give to them.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that's one big tree, must be pretty old? You have a handsome young man also in your photos!!

Gill in Canada

Tania said...

I have cooked up some pasta or porridge for my chooks as a replacement food. We don't have any green. Does your rooster crow all hours of the night? We have two and if one is disturbed by a noise, he crows and then the other one starts, then it's a competion as to who will stop first.

Wow what a big tree! Tyre swings are great, the children do love them. My son always wanted one but our trees aren't big enough. The trees certainly don't grow that big here.

Wishing you a great day


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