Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In June we went to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. I have wanted to take the kids there for about the last 8 years & finally we got there alas without Case. We had a fantastic day and i can thoroughly recommend it to anyone young or old. The animals seem so content as they are not caged it also means you can view them better.You can either walk,hire bikes or a buggy or drive your own car around the zoo.

For any of you who have watched Meerkat Manor on T.V you will be surprised when you see them in the flesh as they are so much smaller then they look on the telly everybody at the exhibit was voicing the same.

My absolute favourite are the giraffes, I've always liked them since I was a kid and had I not worked with horses giraffes would have been the next best thing.When they canter they look so graceful and slow however they are really travelling about 50-60KPH. Emerald and Lane fed the giraffes(Check out the tongues Looong as)It was only about $3 to feed the giraffes the carrots a lot cheaper than some other places we have been to where it costs a fortune to feed the animals.

She needs Jenny Craig!!!
Em & Lane @ Elephant Enclosure

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