Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Emerald

Today is the birthday of my gorgeous, pretty,funny,intelligent, second born and only daughter Emerald.It's early and she is still asleep a good time for me to sit with a cuppa and reflect on the last 15years and how blessed i have been to have such a wonderful person come into my life as my only daughter.

Emerald is always in a hurry everything is done in top gear and it was no exception the night she was born after dinner,cleaning up the kitchen & putting Casey(then 3 1/2) to bed I thought I would finally be able to have a shower and relax. Oh no not me, no rest for the wicked. I had more work ahead of me that night. After going into labour at 9.15pm Em was in a hurry to see the world and was delivered at 10.30 a quick but intense 1hr 15mins later.It's been full pace ever since, she's either that or asleep.

At the time of Emeralds birth we were living on a cattle station out of Injune -Western Queensland. Injune having only a small bush hospital didn't deliver babies, you had to travel another 100km to the bigger hospital with a maternity unit in Roma. Well of course they delivered a baby in Injune that night. Luck was with me though and my wonderful friend Carolyn who is a nurse just happened to be on duty that night. Carolyn has a special part in Emerald's heart. Often after Carolyn has made the long trek to visit with us, she will say to me "Carolyn has known me Mum as long as you have known me, since i took my first breath". Aren't friends just the most treasured things the help Carey & Carolyn have given us, specially after Emeralds fathers death is immeasurable.

Emerald will be waking soon to a sunny spring day, after getting her pressies from Lane & myself she is meeting up with big bro Casey where he will no doubt spoil his little sis by taking her out shopping and lunch.Then tonight we will be going to our favourite restaurant for dinner.

A good day ahead of us hope you have a good one too!!!

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Linda said...

Hi. It was my eldest daughter's 15th birthday on the 2nd.


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