Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gardner Falls

"Who Me"
Did you say smile Mum?
My Gorgeous Emerald

Lane loves to have a "spa" at the bottom of the fall

We love to go to Gardner Falls, we can sit & have a picnic and then a swim & then have a picnic than a swim etc etc (get my drift) At gardner Falls the water is always cool & clear like mountain
water usually is.The waterfall flows down into a large and very deep waterhole. Casey who can swim a 25metre pool underwater can not swim down & reach the bottom. All the kids like to jump off the top of the falls into the waterhole. The downfall (pardon the pun)LOL!! is every time I have ever been to the falls I have seen a snake on the walking track that you take to get there. I'm sure they need a sign saying "Snakes Cross Here". The funny thing is they're different types of snakes each time, last time a Red Belly Black the time before a little Brown Snake.

Here goes em jumping off the rock

The falls are very dangerous after rain the actual fall becomes twice as wide and angrily pounds down into the hole below which then churns around rapidly in a whirlpool with all kinds of debris,sticks and logs. We would never ever swim there at that time but it certainly is impressive to see mother nature in full glory.

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The Old Dairy said...

Hi Caroline,
What a lovely family you have.The Falls look great fun, you have been to some lovely places to geather and always look like your having fun.
Thanks for visiting me I have enjoyed reading your blog,I loved the army video clip, that brought a tear to my eye.
I will be back to visit again..


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