Saturday, October 25, 2008


Now that my DD has a part time job some afternoons/weekends she had to decide what to do with all her stash & seeing as she is my daughter she has constantly been lectured by her darling mother -aka -myself that she should spend her money wisely. Being the sporty chic that she is and due to the fact she is a poor poor child that infrequently visits any shops (Because her mum is mean and hates her wasting money on slave made clothes) she has decided very wisely (I must say)to start water skiing lessons at the ski lake. DD has ridden horses all her life & has danced & played many sports so she already has good balance & is quite fit. She had her first lesson on the bar but come second lesson she is on the rope and skiing up & down the lake.

Enter DS no. 2 who was very kindly offered a go by our wonderful world champ water skier & instructor. Well now you can very safely say that he is now hooked to. Enter next problem DS is only 11 & does not have a job like DD. So back to the drawing board on that one. At least this is a skill that he will have all his life & it is always easier to pick up new things when you are young.

It was probably more of a thrill for me as a mother to see DS be able to get up on the bar & have a ski as little miss has all the confidence in the world and knows she can do it from the word go.While the little master lacks a lot of confidence in himself & as he is high functioning Autistic lacks a lot of muscle tone so I'm hoping it helps with this to.


Linda said...

That was an interesting post. I didn't ever learnt to ski I cheated and went around on something else. So the bar may have been good for me.

I am interested in your playlist, as I know you like country music.

flmom said...

What fun and what a beautiful smiling face!! Reading this made me realize that I never see anyone skiing in the lagoon here anymore. I wonder why that is. Plenty of boats still out in the water, just no skiiers.

Caroline said...

Thanks linda I never learnt to ski either. I hope you like my playlist I saw you liked Lee kernaghan he is the nicest guy. Oldest DS has played on stage a few times with him when he was little.

Yogihan said...

Hello, I've just noticed that you were on my followers list - sorry I didn't spot you earlier. What a great blog you have - I also love your playlist!!!
I tried to water ski once! It's not easy, so well done to both your young ones! What fun.

Tilly said...

Thanks for joining my bloglist. I love popping by to see what you've all been up to. Wow, what a hobby to have. I'm about as bothered by the water as I am about caves so I think your kids are very brave!

Unknown said...

I love water skiing and i really miss it.

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