Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am so so glad we got this job done. The cleaning out of our chookpen has finally been accomplished many thanks to my offsider DS. Now I can go down to the chooks without getting the guilts. It was really getting to me and I was so glad to cross it off my "To Do List"in my Household Notebook, I even bought another notebook today as my old Household
Notebook/Organizer is full. Now for the other 101 things on my list -by the way I have never ever completed a list they seem to be ongoing around here & for everything I cross off I seem to add another 1 or 2. Does this happen to others???

We keep our chooks locked up every night in their pen they used to free range constantly & just put themselves to bed each night. Enter Mr Fox- need I say more.....Then we had different neighbors move in who have chook eating dogs so now the chooks are in their pen when no one is here but they still get a fair bit of time out free ranging which is really important to me. They don't seem to mind as they have their grain and the scraps, in fact I think they get to many scraps there was so much uneaten food in the pen it was becoming a problem. A friend of mine was giving me a garbage bag of day old bakery bread every week and the chooks weren't even touching it.

I had to get a new delivery of sawdust for the stables so thought it would be a good chance to do the chook pen. Wish I had taken before shots but on second thoughts would I really want anyone to see them. The biggest job is digging the old bedding, sawdust & straw out but it makes wonderful mulch or compost with all the old chook poop mixed in. Feels good to have mission accomplished funny how doing the simple things can make your day seem worthwhile. As for poor DS he just needs a nice massage he says his muscles are dying. So now I'm guilt free about my nice clean chook hacienda but full of guilt about child slavery. Do you think an iceblock might soothe him?? At least thats only blackmail!!


Unknown said...

Well done - didn't "they" tell you the to do list is never ending even if you don't add things ou never get to the end of it!!!LOL

the chook palace looks fabulous I am sure you will be putting the chookpoop hay to great use in the vegetable garden.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i definately add more to my "to do " list than cross off unfortunately! looks like a big job crossed off yours though well done!
thanks for your comment by the way - made me laugh about the army men and lego :-D its a good reason to mix them up i suppose LOL
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

nice clean chook pen - i could smell it from my place...hehehehe

Caroline said...

Hey Julie why do you smell it now?? Really you should have smelt it before!!LOL

Linda said...

Hi Caroline. I enjoyed your post.

I have an award waiting at my blog for you.

flmom said...

I have an award for you on my blog. :o)


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