Monday, October 20, 2008


Simple, Warm, Cosy, Comfortable, Happy, Bright, Lovely, Historical, Sunny, Rainy, Fragrant, Creative, Positive, Relaxing, Practical, Functional, Fresh, Calm, Energizing, Imaginative, Pleasant, Spiritual, Organized, Quiet, Noisy, Lovely, Fun,Interesting,Fascinating,Calming.

Oh I s'posse the list could go on & on but please tell me your favs & pass it on.


carolyn said...

hello caroline. my one of my fave things is when my husband carey farndon dosn't delete e-mails about my friends websites with out reading them. incredibly nice set you have here to. By the way carey and i will be visiting next monday or tuesday. and my faveroust son Lacey will be dropin by the following weekend. will be in touch. love Mum. i mean me, Carolyn Farndon
oh are you still coming down for the races. so gonna get messed up, YEAh

Caroline said...

Do you mean dressed up I hope so anyway!! Glad your coming next week as your s'sposse to help me pick my dress for the races

Gill - That British Woman said...

my favourite things, peace and quiet!!!

Gill in Canada

Unknown said...

My favourite thing - toast and vegemite and cup of tea all alone in the garden with a good book early early morning.


Linda said...

I am working on my list, thanks Caroline.

Linda said...

I gave up lol.

Sarah said...

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by.....Mr. Linky linked my blog back to yours.......was that what you meant????


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