Friday, October 24, 2008


I was going to do a post last night. I really wanted to do a post last night. I am disappointed I didn't do a post last night. BUT............. Yesterday was just a blahhhhhhhhh!!! day. A day where nothing went smoothly, a day where the house looked like a bomb had hit it AND still does.

A day where I come home from work at 6.15pm after leaving at 8.00am to the breakfast dishes on the sink feeling guilty that I'm not the parent I aspire to be.

Thank goodness it is just that time of year for me though, I work as a Breeding Barn Manager (Horse) & of course this is the time of year when it is all a happening. Although a more rewarding job I never could have. After more or less doing this for the last 20 years I still can never get over the whole miracle of conception the growth of a pregnancy & then the most rewarding aspect the birth.
For these big noble creatures to let me share the birth of their creation is a privilege I will be forever thankful for. Yes I ride the highs & lows with them a mare losing a foal during or shortly after foaling a maiden mare rejecting her foal (yes they are just like us it scares them too sometimes) or the most most dreaded and thankfully never very often a loss of a mare.
So this is why I do what I do. Thank goodness my job allows a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to parenting. Yesterday DS was in attendance while we scanned mares he is interested to know if they have a follicle growing or if they are close to ovulation & he loves to travel the couple of hours to the airport to pick up semen that has flown in from -well wherever it's a small world now. This gives us some lovely chatting time & his special treat something from McDonald's. I am glad DS is wise to the things that many city kids do not know for many years, to him it is a normal part of life
However I am looking forward to this weekend well hopefully anyway-I got called to a foaling at 4.50am last Saturday morning a mare that has a history of trouble fairly safely delivered a little colt(little being a very accurate description veeeerrry) until then I will have to cope with my messies. Thankfully I spent all day Monday (Yippee student free day I told you my job offered good flexibility) in the garden, baked brownies with my daughter, looked at numerous Lego constructions my son had created and even managed to do a bit of housework that night. Even though I have a rotten cold at the moment, DS puppy has just had a accident in the house, there is no fuel in the car, the fridge is rapidly getting empty (Except for perishables I only shop every 2mths in bulk) AND my house will be condemned it does not matter.
Why because when I became a widow at the young age of 25 with 3 very young children I thought I could never go on. I thought I would never achieve anything in my life again but the simple fact was I had already achieved the greatest thing I would ever achieve and that was my 3 healthy happy well rounded compassionate & caring kids.
Just like those mares I handle everyday at work I will ride the highs & lows as I do with them when they foal it does not really matter what happens because in our house their is a Lotta Lotta Love.


Tania said...

Good morning Caroline,

What a beautiful post. Sounds like you have a truly wonderful job and it's great that your family can be a part of it.

My daughter is awaiting the birth of a miniature pony, she is due any day now, so hopefully everything goes well.

I cant wait so I can post some photos.

Enjoy your day and don't worry about the mess of the house, it will wait for you. My house is much the same at the moment as it's a bit busy here this week.

Unknown said...

Oh wow Caroline what a great post! What an intersting and rewarding job you have.

Being a widow so young must have been tough.

I know exactly what you mean about kids being the greatest thing you'll ever do.

Now I am even more impressed that your son joined the army.

Great job.

As for house? It's just stuff - clean doesn't mean happy.


Linda said...

I was very taken with the foal in the top picture.

My horse had a foal as my Great Uncle had a stallion in one of our paddocks and we wanted a foal one year. My Dad broke it in and I was the first one on it. They took my cousins horse to the stallion at the same time.

The other foal I had something to do with was my parents friends foal that I witnessed with the vet, it had gone through a fence.

I loved the post, thank you Caroline.

My post was not written last night, last night was not my best night here either.

flmom said...

What an awesome and incredible job you have! We are huge, huge, huge animal lovers. I hope you are feeling better soon! (((((HUGS)))))

Caroline said...

Yeah I know daisymum didn't I just finish telling you full tummies & clean clothes were the only important thing.

Hill upon Hill said...

What a lovely post, one in which I really enjoyed getting to know more about you: the highs and the lows. I think it sounds as though you do your best and your best sounds brilliant. I think if we are still wanting to be involved with our children and strive to do things with them, then our heart is in the right place. The rest will follow. That you still get time to plant lettuce and do all you do is amazing. What a fulfilling job. It is so interesting. My sister in law is also widowed with three children. 9 years now. I do hope you have helping hands around you to give you a break now and then. Thanks for your visits and this post in particular.


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