Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Aren't sleeping children just one of the most perfect things on earth. No I don't mean this beacause we mums finally get some peace or though this is true. It's the perfection,the innoncence, the pure peacefulness that a child has on their face, it's as perfect as a sunshower on a spring afternoon, or a perfect flower bud opening to the world. As you have probably noticed this is not a look just reserved for us humans it's a look we can see on any young animal the look of not having a care in the world at that moment in time. It's as if the world has stopped turning just for the little people. Cherish these moments look at them with thankfulness and wonder and remember above all to enjoy this time before they grow up so quick.

Have a wonderful day and remember to smile at a stranger you might never know just how that may change their day!!

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paige said...

precious indeed!
thank you for visiting & your kind words made my day!
blessings to your family

Tilly said...

Hello there, found you via Linda (Remote Treechanger). This post reminds me of a lovely photo I have of Nipper asleep (not something he does much of!) I think I will order a copy and frame it. I loved the post written by your daughter - what a lovely girl and what a good Mum you must be. I saw you were discussing 'The Young Ones'. I used to love that programme but my Dad wouldn't let me watch it as he said it was a bad influence!


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