Thursday, October 16, 2008


My Mulberries are nearly finished

Every year I wonder how you attract silkworms to your tree??

I find it really hard to plant things in my garden that aren't edible. It's not that I don't like other things in my garden, nor is it that I don't have other plants in my garden eg -love my Antherea Dentata border hedge, love people giving me cuttings from their garden - A living/ongoing gift. I love the plants that remind me of my childhood Ribbon Plant,Elephant Ears,Coleus,azaleas,Ferns always ferns not to mention Crepe Mrytle,Bouganvillia, & my all time favourite geraniums in terracotta pots.

The simple fact is I think sometimes I'm just far to practical to bring myself to plant something that uses the same water,soil,manure,air & space as a plant that produces something for us. Last week I planted 10 Lilly Pillys in a hedge as I need to block a certain view now I know most people grow these as ordarmentals, me I'm thinking the likes of Lilly Pilly cordial & Jam .YUM

Thats if our beautiful Birds don't get them first.(As If-LOL)

We had a storm last night. Things are starting to freshen up already just with the rain on the week-end then last nights storm.We were at football when the storm hit. The poor players were left on the field in total darkness when the power went out till someone turned the headlights on in their car.

I have never grown or tasted a
Rose Apple before so I'm just
waiting on my little tree

Our Brazillian Cherry is nearly
finished fruiting


Tania said...

Mulberries, Yum! We have a tree planted but to date haven't picked much fruit off it. I think it may be too dry here as the fruit is really small.

Rain, you are so lucky. It is 29C here today and hotting up tomorrow with no rain in sight.

Linda said...

My husband worked at a school where they had silk worms and a tree to get the food for them. They have the trees here, but haven't done any work with silkworms yet.

Look online you may be able to order some. I will run it past dh.


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