Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Another trip away to see DS who has now graduated from The School of Infantry at Singleton "Lone Pine". He is in 8/9th Battallion Royal Australian Regiment which is stationed in
Queensland. He has been very lucky to get posted to his home state. We love it as he is able to come home some weekends since arriving back. I missed him so much while he was in Wagga & Singleton. Only seeing him twice in 6mths was a rude awaking for my first child leaving home.Many teary days/nights.

Of course the other reason why I'm so glad he got QLD is it was such a drain on finances to go & visit him, even though we took as much food/drink as we could.
The kids think it's a great treat to get the cereal in those little boxes so that was good for brekky with a juice popper, Lunch was fresh bread rolls + some ham/salad whatever I picked up in the town we were going through at their local supermarket. I took plenty of fresh fruit/Biscuits & Cake of course the trusty old thermy came to. At night if our motel had a microwave I bought those frozen meat/vegie, Pasta or Spag Bog meals, as dinners are the dearest to buy. They are nothing like a home meal but they served the purpose. All in all I saved a fair bit of money doing it this way. Of course motels are never cheap specially when you need them night after night in different towns while travelling. I shopped around a lot on the internet before we left. We are so lucky the car is quite economical on fuel.
Have been meaning to publish this post for ages as we have been back for over a fortnight. While we were away we had a few hot days & the last of my cauliflowers has gone to seed, beans have finished & the whole lot needs lots of TLC. Hope you all have a lovely + productive day.


Tania said...

Lucky you having your son close by again. You must be very proud of him being in the Armed Forces.

Thats the thing with having children, we as parents spend our whole life worrying about them.

I really missed my girls when they left home and moved to the city to go to Uni. One has since returned home and the other is now in Melbourne, which causes me great concern. She is coming home for a week very soon, and it will be great to see her.

Caroline said...

Thanks Tania, Miss them I thought my heart was being ripped open. I'm getiing better now.(I think) I worry heaps when he says he's going out for the night. I probaly worry about other people causing him trouble more as I know basically he's a good sensible kid.
Glad to hear you will see your DD soon.

Hill upon Hill said...

We travel like that too. Oh the ache of children leaving home....I am not there yet, but I do feel for you.


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