Sunday, October 12, 2008


Let me tell you one of my eldest son's passions it puts the fear in some people I do tell. To me it is not a big deal as we have always been involved in this sport. Casey LOVES riding bulls it is his great passion. He was actually named after a world champion cowboy "Casey Tibbs" When he was doing career choices in senior he told me he might just rodeo instead. "No No" I said that is not my idea of a gap year I'd actually rather you backpack the globe. Well as you might know he joined The Australian Army as an Infantry soldier which is really not a much safer profession but probably more permanent and hey he gets a regular pay cheque each f/night. So my line a thinking is well there could be worse things my adrenaline addicted son could be doing. Oh and yes for all of you out there wondering if I hold my breath till he's clear of the bull yep!! I sure do.


Linda said...

I found out I am related to a bull rider I think. Maybe his name is Doug Flanigan.

I have been thinking of bull riders lately a lot. I think it is fantastic in this day and age.

When I was little we went to lots of rodeos. I don't know if I imagined it or not, did Slim Dusty go to them sometimes?

Linda said...

I found a link, and loved it. Especially seeing his trademark family dimples. I think he is my parent's cousin.

The Old Dairy said...

I bet you are a praying Mum with Casey in the army and ridding bulls.Ive been teeling my boys to slow down on there motor bikes this afternoon, but hey at least it's not bulls,

Gill - That British Woman said...

on the plus side it's great he has such passion for things. On the minus side, why couldn't he have a passion for sitting behind a deak and being an accountant!!!

On the plus side, in the army he is serving his country. On the minus side, does he not realize how much hair dye costs to cover all the grey hair he's giving you!!!

Great post,


Caroline said...

I know Gill. or a doctor or a lawyer.Anyway I'm going to the hairdresser this Wednesday to rid my grey.


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