Monday, October 6, 2008


Emerald told me she was doing today's blog so it will be a surprise for me to???

Well two days ago i asked if i could make a blog for my mum's site and i was to think of a theme and about 15minutes ago i decided to make my theme all about my mum and me. My mum is the most fantastic, supportive ,sensitive, beautiful, encouraging mother any one could ask for. After everything in my life that all of us have gone through she has always been there for us no matter what, no matter how tough situations may get she is always there encouraging us and helping us get up when we fall. Mum's motto has always been "As long as we have each other" and that's all that matters. I know i can go to her if I'm sad, worried, confused or what ever my emotion or need help she always has advice or answers.
From Emerald

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Lisha said...

What a proud mum you must be Caroline with three gorgeous children and a daughter who declares her love for you, truly beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my blog and sharing yours with me.


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