Friday, January 23, 2009


Sorry not much posting here of late, but bear with me and hopefully things shall return to normal once school starts back next Tuesday.

Work has been busy, as well as the run around getting school supplies, new uniforms etc. Lane starts high school this year & is very nervous about it. So nervous in fact that he has given himself a dose of diarrhoea.

Lane had a specialist appointment yesterday and they checked his eyes again. He has very good eyesight that we knew, but we also knew that the muscles around his eyes weren't doing their job properly. This makes it really hard for him to focus on something and then refocus on another thing. It means to copy off the board is horrendous for him or if he lifts his head from the book he is reading it takes awhile to re find his place. This is a common problem in Autistic/Aspergers children as poor muscle tone is common.

Anyway we have done extensive therapy for this in the past but alas it has not worked. So now the next step is glasses but with special lenses that will help him with this but not affect his sight which is good. (If that makes sense)

Lane has only to wear these while reading, doing models or anything intricate and probably only for 2-3yrs. He is not very happy so hopefully he will see results early on and be encouraged by that. I think it's a very hard time for a child to have to wear glasses, just about to start high school & becoming a teen.
I have been dropping in and reading a few blogs even if I have not commented much of late.
Hope you all have a lovely day today


Unknown said...

Hi I know whay you mean about busy but things should calm down here as of next week or perhaps the wek after.


Linda said...

My daughter is adjusting to her glasses too. I have to run, but my daughter is starting high school with her glasses on the 2nd.

Linda said...

I'm so sorry Lane is very worried about school. Even our daughter is worried she is going to fail English! Can you believe that?

I feel awful that we have so much going on, but I hope I have helped my daughter a little.

Lane is lucky to have such a caring Mum.

flmom said...

I want that horse! Oh my ... what an incredible beauty!!!

I'm sending hugs, love, and prayers for Lane. My oldest had a hard time transitioning to his glasses. He has to wear them all the time. My little one is really bad about snatching them off my oldest's face and throwing them so we're going to have to end up going the contact lens route for him before too long.

I think of you every time I look at the lovely calendar you sent. My oldest is having such fun telling me all the Australian holidays that are listed. He keeps reminding me that Australia Day is coming up soon. :o)

Lisha said...

I totally empathize with getting glasses for the first time, they take a little adjusting. I had to get glasses for the first time 2 Januaries ago. Good luck with everything.

Yogihan said...

Oh no, I'm sorry that Lane is nervous about school. I hope he adapts real soon to his new school. and the glasses, I'm sure once he sees the progress he makes he will not mind them too much, but yes it is a hard age to all of a sudden have to wear glasses. Good luck with starting high school Lane!

MelMel said...

Just popped by to say hi!xx

Teena said...

its TUESDAY!!! Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!!! C'mon....... (dancing around in circles) Whats the word? WHATS THE WORD?


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